Recruitaholics: Da'Cision's, Da'Cision's

This Week's Dose: Da'Cision Is Set, Legacy Offer, and New Member of Team 134 + Visitor *UPDATE*

Da'Cision Is Set
It's no surprise that Michigan is in a good spot for arguably the top recruit in the country VA DE Da'Shawn HandYesterday, he surprised a few people, coming out, via twitter, with this little nugget for all of us to feast on:
Hand originally said he would commit sometime in December, but it's obvious he is more than ready to decide earlier than expected.  Woodbridge assistant coach John Harris tells us why via Steve Wiltfong:
"For him he’s done all the research he’s going to do on each school,” Woodbridge assistant coach John Harris said. “Now it’s lets see where I fit in the best. The reason he wants to take these officials, obviously academically and football wise, these are the three schools he likes the most, now it’s let’s see where I can live.”
Look it's no surprise that Hand is not a fan of the recruiting process, as TomVH points out.  He doesn't like getting calls from reporters or other coaches trying to sway him towards their school.  He's a kid that knows what he wants.  He's not just looking at a teams record or how they perform on the field; he wants the complete package when it comes to a school.   His three finalist certainly live up to that bill. 

Now for the important question: Is an earlier decision a positive for the Wolverines chances?  One would certainly think so.  He has Michigan in his top 3 (and speculated leader) along with Florida and 'Bama.  Hand's visited Ann Arbor a time or two, made one trip to 'Bama, and has yet to visit Florida.  His only planned official at this point is for the UTLII game vs. Notre Dame in early September.  Add that in with being blown away by the Sports Management professor at Michigan and their track record of outstanding academics...I'd say it's looking good at the moment.

Legacy Offer

I touched on the '14 LB situation over the weekend in the latest edition of RecruitaholicsCA LB Dwight Williams looked like the last option to fulfill the final LB spot.  Well, not so fast my friend!!! Saturday, Hoke and co. threw a big twist our way, offering MI LB Jared WanglerWangler is the son of former QB John Wangler, brother to '13 walk-on WR Jack Wangler, and past teammate of QB Shane Morris.  Heck, his sister even begins her Michigan journey this fall.  It's no secret he has major Michigan connections.

Wangler has been a Penn St. commit since early May, and this is going to be the...
I can only imagine what this must be like.  Your entire family has ties to a certain college, your committed not to just any school, but a rival, and now the golden opportunity you've been waiting for your whole life is offered to you.  Uh...hardest decision is an understatement young man.  Expect a quick decision though.  Wangler always said he wanted to commit before his senior season began, so look for a decision in the next three weeks or so. 

My take: All signs obviously point towards Michigan here; it's hard to believe Wangler doesn't make the switch.  Expect an "Incoming: Jared Wangler"in the near future.

New Member of Team134 + Visitor

Speaking of incoming; Michigan has accepted a walk-on from '13 OL Garrett Miller.  Can't really find any info on Miller up to this point, but welcome aboard young fella.

Michigan hosted '15 ATH Kamonte Carter out of Gaithersburg High in Maryland.  Carter does hold a Michigan offer, and standing 6'4" 215 (247), its more than likely for the WR position.  Looking at his Hudl page though, Carter is listed at QB/DE and weighing 235 (!!).  If this weight is legitimate, it's hard to see Carter possessing the speed to play WR, which you can see on film.  That said, DE looks to be his future position.  His QB highlights are ok, but he's looks like a beast on defense. 


Earlier tonight, Steve Lorenz of 247 Sports reported a new offer given out to a '16 prospect.  And not just any prospect, this is a big one.  Hailing from NJ, DT Rashan Gary becomes just the third offer of the '16 class, adding Michigan to a list of big-timers including Alabama, Florida, OSU, and Penn St.  Gary has big time potential, already standing 6'4" 285 lbs. as a sophomore. His Hudl page also lists a sub-five 40 time as a sophomore.  See what I'm getting at here...

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