Incoming: Damien Harris

Commit #4
Meet Damien Harris
Scout: NR 5'11 198 4.44
ESPN: 4-star, #20 OVR, #3 RB 5'11 190
247Sports: 4-star, #91 OVR, #10 RB 5'11 205 4.4
Rivals: NR 5'11 205 4.5

And boom goes the domino(?).  Another commitment was almost certain to fall after Campbell pledged to the Wolverines on Saturday.  Monday afternoon, it happened, and it was bigger than expected.  RB Damien Harris informed the coaches via phone that he wanted to be a part of Team 136 and then to the rest via twitter:
Harris resides from (must say with a southern twang) my home state of Kentucky ya'll!  He was the first offer extended for the '15 class, showing just how much this staff thinks of the young ball carrier.
And you can see why.  Harris is the perfect build to make a bruising, every-down running back in the future.  He's a consensus 5'11", ranging anywhere from 190 to 205.  Most impressive though, is in the speed department.  Harris is a burner.  His 4.4 speed (save Rivals 4.5) is impeccable considering his age (16) and measurements; actually ran a 4.36 at OSU's camp.

So why you ask is he only a 4-star?  Rankings are very hard to judge at this point in the process.  Let Harris get some games on the gridiron under his belt this fall (and next fall) and his rankings will undoubtedly rise. 

Michigan had always been in a good spot with Harris, with them being his childhood favorite.  The only threat seemed to be OSU, where Harris visited and came away impressed.  Or so we thought.  Doesn't seem to be the case after what Harris told Sam Webb back in January (!!):
"I honestly don't know what OSU will have to do to overtake the #1 spot.  It would be tough, honestly. Just growing up being a Michigan fan not liking OSU, the odds are kind of against them."
So he's from KY and already has a hate for OSU...Favorite recruit of all time!!!  Add that on top of the fact that Scout's Jamie Newberg claims that Harris "looks as impressive physically as any kid you'll see in the 2015 class."  That's some high praise right there recruitaholics.  Speaking of high praise, that's all Harris had for his first experience, the coaching staff, and a certain Michigan great via
"It's a dream come true," Harris said regarding his decision to play football at Michigan. "I loved Michigan as a kid. It was always my favorite team, but I never thought I'd get the opportunity to play there....When I was at camp last summer, Mike Hart was one of our running back coaches and I got to spend some individual time with him," Harris said. "That in itself was awesome, because looking up to a player and being taught and instructed by him and him teaching you what he knew and learned, I felt like that made me a better player...As soon as I got there I felt an instant connection," Harris admitted. "I fell in love with the coaches and the facilities.....It was always on my mind and I knew it was the place I needed to go," Harris said. "I just wanted to go ahead [and commit] and get affiliated with the other players and I just thought there was no point in waiting any longer [to announce my commitment]."
But the most important quote came at the very end:
And for those who think, or hope, Harris will change his mind about Michigan, "I'm not the type of player to de-commit," Harris stated.

Other Offers
Lots of other top programs see what Michigan saw including Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisville, ND, OSU, PSU, S. Carolina, Tenn. and a few others.

Hype Video
You don't even get a sense of his power run game; he's to busy running past you.  Try to keep up.

Something Scary to Think About
-Campbell and Harris make up half of the current '15 class.  If this trend continues, half of the '15 class will be 5-stars.  Having these two in the fold this early, this may not be much of a stretch.  Just look what an impact Jabril Peppers commitment made.  He committed just a few months back.  Harris and Campbell will have over 2 years to assist this coaching staff. 

-Harris is a Mike Hart clone, but with speed.  Hart is a Heisman winner with this kind of speed.  Just sayin'.

-I guess I'll mention that Michigan could end up with the #1 running back two years in a row.  That's kind of a big deal. 

-Or that eventually/maybe the three big skill players on the field at once will end in -rris (Harris, Harris, Morris).  Ok maybe that's just scary for the announcers.

Man, that's a lot.  I already feel sorry for opposing team's 3 years in advance.

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