Recruitaholics: O, X, O, O, X, R1

I just couldn't pass this up.  Put a pillow on the ground to protect your jaw from being hurt when it hits the floor.

Yes, those are Playstation buttons, and anyone familiar with NCAA Football, knows exactly what each of those buttons does.  And for those that don't, Jabrill Peppers was kind enough to give you a tutorial on how using this combination of moves will lead you unimaginable plays.  No serious.  Unimaginable:

As Chris Berman would say, "WHOP! WHOP!"  DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! The fact that he didn't trip/spin himself to the ground at one point is simply stunning.  Add 168 tacklers to the mix, simply mesmerizing.  I thought these highlights from last week were impressive, including this de-cleater:


Four things I've learned: Peppers loves spin moves, hit's like a mack truck, changes directions on a dime, and he will play both sides of the ball at Michigan.  Let me repeat that: He WILL get snaps on offense pepople.  Heck, he's already got a vote for heisman:
BREAKING NEWS: Sources confirm from  Commisher Goddell, "Ok, Jabrill, you can enroll in the 2014 NFL Draft."  Ok...I went to far.  My fingers are typing out of excitement.  I CAN'T STOP 'EM!!

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