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Meet Jared Wangler
Scout: 3-star, NR OVR, #53 OLB  6'1 215 4.51
ESPN: 3-star, NR OVR, #63 OLB  6'1 205
247Sports: 3-star, NR OVR, #38 S  6'1 218
Rivals: 2-star, NR 

Today, the Wangler family legacy at Michigan gained another member as De LaSalle (MI) star Jared Wangler de-committed from "Linebacker U", Penn St., and made the pledge to play for Hoke and co via his twitter.  I touched a bit on this in Tuesday's Recruitaholics post, so you know the story.  Dad, brother, and sister have all attended/do attend Michigan, and family just had to much pull and influence on Jared to pass up his dream.   Steve Wiltfong has more from his father and Ex-QB, John:
"You can never draw it up like that," John said. "The fact it ended up happening like that doesn't get any better. I feel truly blessed and honored that Michigan wanted them both to be part of the program. It's the choice I made and I had a wonderful experience there, and to have your sons be able to go to the same school and be part of a program of that caliber and have a similar experience, we're thankful to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing them in Ann Arbor.""
"Michigan because of the history and family ties was the only school he'd decommit for. That's what happened."  Wangler had a good idea he was headed to Michigan when Hoke offered on Aug. 3.  "Michigan is Michigan, especially when you're raised in this type of family, it was his dream," John said. "To be able to compete for conference championships and national championships and get a world-class degree, there is nothing more you'd want for your son.
Wangler is an interesting prospect on paper.  He's between 6'1 and 6'2 and anywhere between 205-218 lbs. while possessing 4.5 speed.  He is a 3-star prospect who holds offers from LSU, MSU, and Penn St, which as you got from earlier, they are known for stud LB's.  Something else that baffles me about this kid, Scout and ESPN rate him at OLB, while 247Sports has him rated with the safeties.  Ok, what's going on here?  There has to be a reason this kid is playing in the Under Armour All-American game. 

Wangler did begin his football career at the safety position so I have to agree with 247's thinking here, believing he will make the switch back.  He plays similar to Jordan Kovacs, but is an inch or two taller and out weighing Kovacs by 10-15 lbs.  Watching his highlight tape, he can obvious make a hit and fill the gap, but he's got great instincts and does a pretty darn good job in coverage as well.  All traits you look for in a SS. 

Here's some more validation:  Take a look at the current LB commits: Ferns - 6'3 240, Winovich - 6'4 215, and Furbush - 6'4 240.  That's what we like to call size in "the biz."  Wangler is simply miniature compared to these guys; and he's not a small guy whatsoever.  The LB position may be a little crowded by the time Wangler hits the field and safety may be his best option.  Here's Allen Trieu's take:
"Former safety who has transitioned his athletic tools into the linebacker position. Is able to play over the slot and does a nice job in coverage, both in man to man and dropping into zones. Has good closing speed to the football and is a good striker who explodes into his tackles. Having just transitioned into playing in the box, he simply has to continue to get stronger and work on getting off blocks. Likely a WILL in college."
So say Wangler does end up back at safety, what does this mean for LB Dwight Williams chances of being a part of this class?  Remember, Williams is slated to visit for the UTLII game.  If blown away and wanting to commit, I think they still will accept his commitment if it were to happen.  Still a long shot though, and Wangler's commitment didn't help.  All depends on what position the coaching staff has in mind for Wangler.  He stays at LB, Williams is out. 

Other Offers
I mentioned the big one's above in LSU, MSU, and Penn St.  Also held offers from Bowling Green, Buffalo, Cincinatti, EMU, Ohio, Toledo WMU, and Yale. 

Hype Video

Something Scary to Think About
Wangler switching back to safety and having a Kovacs type of career.  A four year starter, leading the team in tackles for consecutive years?  Yeah, I'd take that. 

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