Breaking B1G: Preseason Bowl Projections

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B1G Rank Bowl This Week
Previous Week
vs Pac-12 #1
Ohio State -
vs. BCS At-Large
Michigan -
vs SEC #2
Northwestern -
vs SEC #4
Nebraska -
vs Big 12 #4
Wisconsin -
vs SEC #6
Michigan State -
vs Big 12 #6
Minnesota -
vs Conf-USA #4
Iowa -
vs MAC #1
Indiana -

• Yes, I picked Ohio State to go to the Rose Bowl. Shoot me.

• Howeva! I picked Michigan to get an at-large BCS bid. How will this play out? Well, if Michigan plays Ohio State twice, and M wins at home then loses in Indy, I suspect this will be the result. Both could finish with 1 or 2 losses.

• Northwestern is for real. (Read that line to yourself again, then read it out loud.)

• Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan State are the wildcards in the conference. I think one could shoot up this list while two stay right where they are. Tough to predict these squads right now. Penn State is irrelevant anyway with the bowl ban.

• Indiana is my little engine that could. I think the bottom 5 teams in the league...Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana and Purdue are all pretty interchangeable in the preseason. I also suspect the Gophers to have another bowl-type season.

Let's be honest though, there's no way the Big Ten gets 9 teams bowl eligible.

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