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Commit #3
Meet George Campbell
Scout: NR
ESPN: 4-star, #3 OVR, #1 WR
247Sports: 5-star, #17 OVR, #1 WR
Rivals: NR

CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. THIS. Michigan picked up possibly it's most coveted recruit OF ALL TIME Saturday, in FL WR George Campbell (Not if Jabrill Peppers has anything to say about this year, eh?).  This created a frenzy on the 'ol twitter machine, by far the biggest reaction (You'll see) I've ever seen to a commitment.  Cheers to us, 'holics!

Top recruiters (move over Mattison) Wilton Speight, who broke the news, and future/current teammate Mason Cole played a big part in this gigantic get for Hoke and co.  Campbell's expands a little more via Sam Webb:
“I get a text from Mason a lot just saying ‘Go Blue.’," Campbell said earlier this month when asked to describe Coles's recruiting approach. "I think he is one of those types of kids that he’s not too big on (recruiting), but at the same time, he is. He’s (just) more laid back with his recruitment. 
....(Grand Rapids Christian wide receiver) Drake Harris, (Detroit Country Day wide receiver) Moe Ways — as matter of fact (Richmond, Va., Collegiate quarterback) Wilton (Speight) just texted me,” Campbell reported. ‘He just asked me, ‘let’s race at the barbecue’ — so he’s trying to get me up there.”
And a reason we all should send some sort of baked goods to Coach Hecklinski's house:
“That’s a good coaching staff, and they all put in the work there to help get top players to Michigan,” Campbell stated. “I would say all those coaches are good, but I have to say out of all of them, I’d give my shout-outs to Coach Heck."
Campbell's potential is off the charts.  He's listed anywhere from 6'3" to 6'5" weighing between 181 and 198.  He measured out at 6'3" 185 at last month's The Opening, where he also won fastest man after posting a blazing 4.36 (video).  So that's legit speed right there ladies and gents.  Don't forget that was against talent a year older; Campbell was 1 of 5 sophomore's to get the invite.  Excitement level can't get any higher folks!

Read this insert from Scout's Jamie Newburg, and you'll join in on the party:
Campbell has outstanding size, speed and measurables. He does a nice job of using his size to his advantage, especially with the ball in the air. He possesses outstanding ball skills and hand-eye coordination. He can box out and high point the ball. As a runner, he’s smooth with long strides. He really does a nice job of stretching out a defense. His size, growth and development will play a huge hand is what position he plays.
On the other hand, Campbell does have a few things to work on.  He says so himself (from same Sam Webb article above):
Despite those head-turning statistics the Sunshine State star focused just as much on the aspects of his performance that disappointed him.
"I think my main thing I need to work on is the power ball (toss),” Campbell said. “I didn’t have a good one at all. 33 (feet) wasn’t good for me. Coming off a wrist injury I’m trying to improve and get it better.”
Outstanding speed? Check.  Outstanding height? Check.  Outstanding ball skills? Check.  Outstanding hand-eye coordination? Check.  Is there anything else a wide receiver even needs?  Yet Campbell knows he can only get better, and that's the #1 trait you like to see in these kids.  He will have two years to hone these skills and then...I literally can't imagine.  To much enjoyment for one brain to handle.  And don't worry, he'll still be in this class come signing day 2015.  Campbell had this to say to TomVH:

Other Offers
It's a looooooong list. 27 in total from Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, FSU, Georgia, Illinois, UL, LSU, Miami(FL), MSU, ND, OSU, Ole Miss, Tenn., TAMU, UCLA, VT.  Gotta love when the schools you leave out are in major conferences.

Hype Video
Hi! I'm George Campbell.  I'm two years younger than most of you, but you still can't stop me!

Something Scary to Think About
You mean besides the fact that Michigan may end up with the top two overall WR's (Harris in '14) in two straight classes?  Or the fact that we could land the top two overall prospects (Peppers in '14) two years in row?  Well, I'm talking about the reactions this commitment got from loads of talented kids. Here's a few biggies:

-'15 RB Damien Harris before he pulled the trigger:
-'15 LB Osa Masina
-Early #1 OVR prospect '15  DE Jashon Cornell:
-'15 Top FL RB Jaques Patrick posted this picture:
-'15 4-star OL Winton Woods:
-'16 OL Sterling Jenkins:
So yeah.  Even more warranted evidence that this commitment shook up the recruiting world, including the recruits themselves. 

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