Photos From Practice (August 8th)

Two Devins.

Media photographers were given access to roughly the first 30 minutes of practice today. As you can see, not much other than some walk-through drills and stretching were going on. thought they'd let us diagram plays or something?

As a blogger, and a photographer, I'll take what few precious moments inside the walls of Fort Schembechler I can get.

A few notes...
• For those looking for #27 Derrick Green in these photos, he's not.
• Devin looked to be warming up with #61 Graham Glasgow.
• Of course Lewan was looking as huge as ever, although he's leaner than before.
• Funchess looked like he put on some bulk.
• #43 Chris Wormley has added quite a bit of size as well.
• Jake Ryan was out there, but I never saw him do anything besides stretch.
• Blake Countess and Fitz look to be 100%, or close enough to not notice.

Overall, I say the atmosphere around the practice field was very energetic and upbeat. Not that I have a ton of other Michigan practices to compare it to, but I get the sense that practices under Hoke and his staff are pretty quickly paced.

Only 22 days to go!

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