Tuesday Lowdown Activates Sparty Bulldozer Mode

900th win hype video. Sure, why not?

Lost in the post-game hysteria on the field for me was this piece playing on the video boards immediately after the game. Cool stuff. 900 wins is certainly something to celebrate. Let's plan on win #1000 being against Ohio State at home...in about 9 years? Sound good?

Subtle reminder. The Michigan players saw this sign every time they left the Schembechler Hall locker room. (HT: MVictors)
Not exactly downplaying the rivalry. I remarked in my 5 Takes wrap up post that it seemed as if Michigan's captains were a little subdued in the press conference after the game. I expected more excitement. I'm starting to think that Michigan takes this rivalry as serious as Michigan State does, they're just not at all as vocal about it. But behind closed doors, I think this win was very meaningful for Michigan's players – especially the seniors.

Flyover. The US Coast Guard flew a helicopter over the stadium on Saturday. It was pretty cool because usually the pressbox folk don't get to see flyovers because of the angle of view being too high for the windows. Here's the chopper's POV.

Annihilation. Jake Ryan goes into full-on bulldozer mode.
Can't. Stop. Watching.

Bleacher Report. I don't typically read b/r articles because most of them are like this one.
We've all seen how good his team has looked through eight games. This is while Meyer is working with a group of guys that he hasn't personally recruited. Just imagine what he could accomplish after a few years of bringing in highly-touted recruits that will more adequately fit his system!

So, if Meyer can bring in the same type of talent he brought to Florida where he won SEC and national titles, he will dominate the Big Ten Conference year in and year out. That's scary for the other teams in the conference.

I can't wait until Buckeye nation will be uplifted by Urban domination! There's not a question about whether or not it will occur. The only question is how soon?

Not to be outdone, Michigan articles on b/r are no better. This one takes a shot at Michigan fans who rushed the field after Saturday's big win.
It is easy to get caught in the moment at a sporting event. Fans pull together and become one body, a unique gathering of people from every walk of life all bound by a common team and colors. The problem is they tend to act like lemmings.

Storming the field did not solidify Michigan’s place in history. It showed where the Michigan program has landed after the fall of the Lloyd Carr regime and the failed Rich Rodriguez experiment.

Brady Hoke is doing a great job turning the program around, but right now it shows where this team has been. These fans are happy to have felt success again. What once was one of the most dominant programs in the country is now in the middle of the pack in a middle of the pack-type conference.

Winning games that Michigan should doesn’t warrant the storming of the field in the Big House. That is sacred ground. The Big House is one of the temples in college football, a place that is revered for its history and storied program that takes its field on Saturdays. 
This post has almost 7,000 views. I need to really just ignore anything from Bleacher Report from now on.

Raymon Taylor OK. Brady Hoke addressed the injury to CB Raymon Taylor in yesterday's presser.
"I think he'll be fine, I really do," Hoke said Monday. 
Brief. Honest. Hoke.

In the post-game presser, Hoke qualified Taylor's injury as a "boo-boo". It certainly looked much worse than that. It would seem now that "boo-boo" is the preferred statement when a guy gets banged up but it isn't very serious. But it is very encouraging that his playing status seems intact for this Saturday.

Rex out? Speaking of injuries.
Nebraska Cornhuskers senior running back Rex Burkhead could miss Saturday's game against Michigan after aggravating a left knee injury for the second time in three weeks.

Burkhead left this past Saturday's game against Northwestern in the first quarter. He initially sustained a sprained ACL in the knee Sept. 1 in the season opener and missed two games.

"He felt really good going into the [Northwestern] game, didn't have any issues in practice," Pelini said. "He's frustrated and obviously disappointed he's had to deal with it. It's been too bad."

Pelini said Burkhead's input will be taken into account in determining his status against Michigan.
Well, that could change things for Nebraska, who's rushing offense averages 279 yards per game and ranks 6th nationally. Burkhead is Nebraska's 2nd leading rusher behind Ameer Abdullah, who's been filling in nicely for Rex during his injury.

Assorted bits
Hoke was elusive on why Denard showed up on kickoff return once on Saturday. Brady Hoke Monday presser video. OSU must ride out Miller's risk-reward style. Fitz Toussaint was sentenced today for his drunk driving arrest from last summer.