Illinois Preview: A Statistical Analysis

MICHIGANValue (Nat. Rank)Value (Nat. Rank)ILLINOISADV.
Rushing Offense (ypg)208.40 (29)124.50 (38)Rushing Defense (ypg)PUSH
Passing Offense (ypg)188.40 (101)226.83 (83)Passing Defense (ypg)PUSH
Pass Eff. Offense122.18 (91)144.52 (97)Pass Eff. DefensePUSH
Total Offense (ypg)396.80 (73)351.33 (37)Total Defense (ypg)I
Scoring Offense (ppg)31.60 (48)28.33 (78)Scoring Defense (ppg)M
Rushing Defense (ypg)156.80 (65)126.50 (94)Rushing Offense (ypg)M
Passing Defense (ypg)155.00 (7)212.33 (81)Passing Offense (ypg)MMM
Pass Eff. Defense110.53 (26)129.05 (78)Pass Eff. OffenseMM
Total Defense (ypg)311.80 (19)338.83 (101)Total Offense (ypg)MMMM
Scoring Defense (ppg)21.00 (37)21.17 (102)Scoring Offense (ppg)MMM
Net Punting Yards37.00 (68)2.09 (114)Punt Return YardsMM
Punt Return Yards6.25 (82)38.89 (37)Net Punting YardsII
Kickoff Return Yards22.95 (45)21.00 (63)Kickoff Return DefensePUSH
Kickoff Return Defense23.31 (97)15.95 (114)Kickoff Return YardsPUSH
Turnover Margin-.80 (94)-.67 (91)Turnover MarginPUSH
Penalty Yds /Gm51.60 (54)43.30 (32)Penalty Yds /GmI
Sacks /Gm1.00 (104)3.33 (109)Sacks Allowed /GmPUSH
Sacks Allowed /Gm1.00 (19)1.50 (89)Sacks /GmMMM
Redzone Off. (%)85.00 (T-49)70.83 (T-24)Redzone Def. (%)I
Redzone Def. (%)82.35 (T-67)68.42 (110)Redzone Off. (%)MM
Redzone TD %55.00 (T-82)62.50 (T-73)Redzone TD Def. %PUSH
Redzone TD Def. %47.06 (26)63.16 (59)Redzone TD %M
3rd Down Conv. %50.00 (T-17)27.40 (7)3rd Down Def. %PUSH
3rd Down Def. %38.24 (63)35.87 (93)3rd Down Conv. %M
1st Downs /Gm19.00 (T-93)17.20 (T-23)1st Downs Allowed /GmIII
1st Downs Allowed /Gm18.00 (T-31)17.20 (T-107)1st Downs /GmMMM
Difference > 20 in national rank = Team
Difference > 40 in national rank = TeamTeam
Difference > 60 in national rank = TeamTeamTeam
Difference > 80 in national rank = TeamTeamTeamTeam

Stats bullets!
• Well, things look a little better than they did a week ago. How about that passing defense? Almost every statistical category is heading in the proper direction after a nice outing in West Lafayette last week. Playing Illinois this week should help maintain this upward trend.

• Michigan's "non-Denard rushing game" is in dire need of a pulse. We all know by now that Purdue did everything they could to stuff Fitz, and it worked, even though it opened things up nicely for Shoelace to take off on multiple occasions. Maybe we'll see more of Thomas Rawls and/or Vincent Smith?

• The passing game is another concern, at least from a statistical point of view. I'm completely happy with a 50% completion rate, 1 TD and no INTs every week as long as the running game and defense can support it.

• Yay! for the return to normal redzone percentages.

• Double yay! for a turnover percentage inching closer to even.