Breaking B1G: Week 8 bowl projections

Week 7 asked more questions about the Big Ten than it did provide answers. What we did figure out is: Illinois is awful, OSU has zero defense, Wisconsin is sitting pretty atop the "real" Leaders division and it rained a lot yesterday.

B1G Rank Bowl This Week Previous Week
Michigan Michigan
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Nebraska Nebraska
Northwestern Purdue
Purdue Northwestern
Iowa Michigan State
Michigan State Iowa
Indiana Minnesota

• Leaders division, you're killing me! First it's Purdue that seems to be the team to beat, then we default back to Wisconsin. Now all of the sudden Indiana seems to be playing the best football*, albeit still losing. Who's it going to be?

• Everyone proclaimed Michigan State was going to walk through the Legends division en route to their second consecutive B1G title game appearance. Never mind that their offense lost their senior starting QB, all of their WRs, and their running game was ranked 11th in the league in 2011. Yeah, their defense was great, but no one knew how much they'd miss Worthy. But man, that teams looks like it's really hit the skids. I'm sure they'll ramp it up to play Michigan this week, but if they lose in Ann Arbor, the wheels just might fall off.

• Penn State, not bowl eligible, was off this week. As was Nebraska. They'll try and rebound from the OSU loss in Evanston this week, in what is all of the sudden a pretty meaningful Legends matchup. Meanwhile, Iowa hosts the Nittany Lions, where we hope O'Brien, McGloin and crew can help Michigan out a little bit.

• Ohio State, blah blah. Braxton Miller, blah blah. Call me when A) Yer bowl eligible, and B) When you don't give up 49 points to Indiana.

* Of teams with post-season eligibility.