Breaking B1G: Week 10 Bowl Projections

Things happened in week 9. They weren't very pretty. If Denard's injury drags out, that could be a real problem.

B1G Rank Bowl This Week Previous Week
Nebraska Michigan
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Michigan Nebraska
Northwestern Northwestern
Minnesota Purdue
Michigan State Iowa
Indiana Minnesota
Purdue Michigan State

• Man, I don't even know anymore. Michigan, a team which claims that the Big Ten championship is the ultimate prize, just laid an egg in a game which could have all but wrapped up the Legends crown with 4 weeks left to go in the season if they would've won. So much to discuss about that game, and we'll get to it soon.

• This Ohio State team could contend for a national title. Penn State's not half bad either. But, ya know.

• The best of the rest of the Leaders division, Wisconsin, just lost to a very average Michigan State team at home. Everyone's Leaders dark-horse, Purdue, just imploded against Minnesota. And as it stands right now, Indiana, yes Indiana who just won their first B1G game since Nov 2010, controls it's own destiny as a not-so long shot to get to Indianapolis.

• Nebraska was a huge beneficiary of a Michigan team that discovered a 1/3 of the way into the game that they have absolutely no answer for what happens when Denard gets hurt. All you have to do is blitz like crazy and a Michigan team sans Denard is absolutely clueless. Sorry, my internet censor is gone.