Breaking B1G: Week 10 Preview

1. Nebraska3-11201276-2314203W2
1. Michigan3-1110465-3224138L1
3. Northwestern3-21491277-2274201W1
4. Iowa2-281954-4163169L2
5. Michigan State2-389885-4173135W1
6. Minnesota1-3831185-3202185W1
1. Ohio State5-01961489-0347217W9
2. Penn State3-1135845-3223145L1
3. Wisconsin3-2147876-3233158L1
4. Indiana1-31361443-5274239W1
5. Purdue0-4771553-5247238L4
5. Illinois0-4381422-6144246L5

My Week 9 picks: 2-4
Season total: 48-26 (.648)

Saturday, November 3rd (All times eastern. My picks in bold.)
Michigan @ Minnesota - BTN

Iowa @ Indiana - BTN
#21/21/21 Nebraska @ Michigan State - ABC/ESPN2
Illinois @ #6/-/- Ohio State - ESPN
Penn State @ Purdue

Bye: Northwestern, Wisconsin

Biggest must-watch:
Easy. For us bleeding heart Michigan fans, it's Nebraska at Michigan State. We desperately need Nebraska to lose at least once between now and the end of November (twice would be outstanding, though). It absolutely drives Sparty fans crazy when Michigan fans cheer for them to win, but this is the new reality we live in with the Legends division...from time to time, we need to cheer for each other to help us out.

Upset Alert!
I'm going to put Michigan on upset alert this week. We're coming off a disheartening loss on the road to a huge conference foe, and Minnesota is coming off of a big win against Purdue. Not sure exactly which Michigan team is going to show up in Minneapolis, or how healthy their quarterback will be, but I suspect things should go well for the Wolverines. Either way, my confidence is decidedly low.

Snoozer of the week:
Illinois at Ohio State. One team is the best in the league, the other is the worst. Do the math.

Bold predictions!
After a sub par 2-4 record last week in my predictions, far be it for me to give any sort of bold predictions. It would seem that even I'm having a tough time coming to grips with just how bad some teams are in this league.

I do think Penn State rebounds against a terrible Purdue squad. Iowa at Indiana is intriguing simply because as I type this sentence, Indiana has a clear shot at the Big Ten title game and a possible Rose Bowl. If they win out, the Big Ten is theirs.

Ohio State should dispatch of Illinois easily. And if Michigan doesn't return home with the Little Brown Jug in it's possession, a legit change of a Big Ten title game appearance are over.