Breaking B1G: Week 9 Bowl Projections

What a weekend of football in the Big Ten. Penn State is legit. Ohio State survives, which is pretty much every week now. And Michigan welcomes Paul Bunyan home again.

B1G Rank Bowl This Week Previous Week
Michigan Michigan
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Nebraska Nebraska
Northwestern Northwestern
Purdue Purdue
Iowa Iowa
Minnesota Michigan State
Michigan State Indiana

•Again, it's tough for me to pick anyone from the Leaders division besides Wisconsin in any of these bowls. Purdue played Ohio State tough, as they always do, but surrendered that game late. Other than those two, no one else in that division is going to be bowl eligible. Man, that's crazy.

• Nebraska pulled off a big win against Northwestern. A lot of people are trying to downplay that win, but as someone who understands, going into Evanston at night and winning is a lot harder than it sounds. One of the best kept secrets in the Big Ten, that little fact.

• Michigan State is sliding down the chart here these last 3 weeks. Everyone picked Sparty as the shoe-in for the Rose Bowl at the beginning of the year. Not this guy. Never was I that high on Michigan State, and it had nothing to do with Dantonio or any of that stuff, I just didn't see how their offense was ever going to score a lot of points. They're going to struggle to be bowl eligible.

• Michigan's matchup this weekend in Nebraska could very well determine the Legends crown. Michigan has a 1 game lead over the Huskers who have 1 loss in the Big Ten, while Michigan is 3-0.

• Oh if Penn State were only bowl eligible, what a season this could end up to be. Bill O'Brien and his staff are doing something special in Happy Valley. They dominated Iowa on the road at night. Not an easy task, no matter how bad Iowa is.

Big game this week though, as Ohio State comes to town for the first ever "Ineligabibowl".