Recruitaholics: A Shout Out To Seabass

This week:  A Shout Out to Seabass, 2013 News, Commits in Action, Prospects in Action, 2014 News, Offer, and Visitor List for Illinois

A Shout Out to Seabass

'13 MI K J.J. McGrath has a preferred walk-on offer from the Wolverines and has a powerful leg; not a surprise considering his 6'3' 228 frame.  McGrath went to twitter, and compared himself to the biggest leg in the NFL these days: 
Now, if you haven't noticed (or if you don't follow me, @dwinslow09), I am a big Oakland Raiders fan (although I question why on a daily basis) and I just couldn't pass this one up.  Let's just hope J.J. is right and we benefit from it.

2013 News

A pair of Michigan commits, DL Henri Poggi and OL Logan Tully-Tilman were the latest to be presented an Under Armor All-American jersey. Here's Henri accepting the jersey:
Image via here
No picture for Tully-Tilman....but even better, I've got a video interview from the aftermath:

Commit DB Gareon Conley, who had 5 catches, 108 yards and 2 TD's on Friday, was supposedly making his way down to Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon to take in the campus for an unofficial visit.  So of course, rumblings were in full force that Conley would be stripped of his scholarship and no longer part of team 134.  And once again (you'll see the other example below from Ace) nothing was made of it after he discussed this visit with the Hoke and company (how legit does that sound for a business huh?).  Ace says it perfectly:
OL David Dawson had this two-cents to add a few days earlier:

Something else that evoked some controversy over the week, '13 WR LaQuon Treadwell released a top 5.  Chantel Jennings caught up with LaQuon to see who made the cut and what is important to him about the class he ends up joining.  Earlier today Treadwell wanted to clarify something to all his peers and fans about his recruitment.  Treadwell usually makes an appearance here week in and week out with some sort of news as we all know (add this to the list).  He is a very big priority in this class and an even bigger nationwide recruit.  But, he wants everyone to know this:
You can't blame the kid.  Most people forget that these kids are only 17-18 years old (some 15-16 nowadays) and are just trying to enjoy the process.  To dislike a kid for not choosing their retrospective school?!  That's just ridiculous!

Commits in Action

OL Patrick Kugler and North Allegheny (PA) improved to 6-0 on the season after defeating in-state power house Gateway (PA) 14-3.  It was a rough, hard fought win against maybe the toughest team Kugler has ever faced as Kyle Bogenshcutz reports:

FB Wyatt Shallman only played on defense over the weekend.  I'm starting to wonder where this kid will end up.  He puts up good numbers on that side of the ball week in and week out.  Didn't disappoint this week either: 8 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble.

The past 2 weeks, according to TomVH, DT Maurice Hurst (seen below) has 15 tackles and 5 sacks.  Holy Cow!!! He's a big boy:
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TomVH also reported that LB Ben Gedeon had 3 TD's on offense and 8 tackles, 1 interception on defense.

TE Jake Butt highlights anyone?!  How about all of Jake's TD catches from his past game?!  This gives Jake 7 touchdowns on the season.

Prospects in Action

'13 RB Derrick Green, who received his 5th star by last week, had another dominate performance, should I just stop saying that, seems to be a given nowadays...Anyways, he racked up 110 yards on 11 carries (10 YPC) with 2 TD's, one going for 64 yards. 

'14 DL Malik McDowell helped Loyola to an easy victory on Friday.  He played most the game before being pulled due to an injury, nothing serious.  In the time he was in, Malik accumulated 11 tackles, a forced fumble, and a sack.

While I couldn't come up with any stats for '14 ATH Jalen Hurd, I did come across something involving Hurd, not in a good way though (I bet your surprised).  Make sure you take in the announcers during the video, utter comedy:

Here's '14 RB Jonathon Hillman taking the "1st play to the YARD!" from his twitter account
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Detroit Cass Tech was in action this weekend, and with their victory, they clinched their division and a spot in the playoffs.  Congrats boys.  '15 QB Jayru Campbell threw a pair of TD's in the 29-0 victory.

2014 News

Take a look at what commit LB Michael Ferns is doing with his "good play" stickers that get displayed on the player's helmets:
Image via here

Pretty cool huh?!  Putting them in the shape of the Winged style Michigan helmet is genius!! How did I never think of this back in the day?  Michael Ferns - 1  Me - 0

A new name to keep an eye out for, OL Alec StevensKyle Bogenshcutz also spoke with Stevens, who had this to say about who sits at the top for him (includes highlights):
“Right now I just have a top one right now,” said Stevens. “Probably Michigan right now cause they’re doing the most to look at me and stuff. I’ve been to one of their games and it was fun there.”
Stevens doesn't possess an offer from the Wolverines as of yet, but the Wolverines are showing the most interest.  Look for Alec to be on commit watch when his offer does come to the table.


An offer went out last week to a very, very talented player who will be at the top of Ohio's '14 top players.  WR Marshon Lattimore has been impressive all season and Michigan has been gaining more and more interest each week.  This offer was one that was expected to be extended, as I told everyone to keep an eye out on this kid in a previous post I'm loving all these big offers for the '14 class starting to be given out by Hoke and Company (C'mon, it's so catchy!!).

Visitor List for Illinois

S Dymonte Thomas
QB Shane Morris who is doing well now, but still isn't allowed to practice, let alone compete.
TE Khalid Hill
LB Mike McCray

'14 WR Kendric Mallory (teammate of McCray)
'14 MI QB Travis Smith
'14 DE Zachary Evans
'14 OL Denzel Ward - planned on making it, cancelled for Purdue game, but will now visit again.  Check out how small this kid makes Chantel Jennings look as he gives an insight on his recruitment; He's 6'8 (!!) by the way, and has only played 4 football games in his whole life.
'14 WR Derek Kief, just visiting on Friday with his family
'14 DE Gelen Robinson, brother of Glenn Robinson III
'14 DE Lawrence Marshall
'14 OL Connor Hayes
'15 ATH Kei Beckham (also teammate of McCray)
'15 WR Tyree Kinnel