The Scrimmage That We Shall Not Speak Of

Unless you donated a large sum of money to the university or just ponied up for a suite or premium seat, you were left on the outside looking in as the Michigan football team held a scrimmage for those special guests last Saturday.

Certain media were told not to write anything about it, post pics or video...or basically even acknowledge that anything actually took place. But of course that left the door wide open for the inmates to run the prison as unofficial and pretty inaccurate reports started to filter around the internet about what went down. But of course you can't just hold a full-team full-contact scrimmage in the stadium 2 weeks before the opener, invite a few hundred select guests, and expect no one to talk about who's really to blame here?

But yesterday's Countdown to Kickoff features highlights from the scrimmage, and shows that Denard is indeed looking better than last he's been advertised. For a full report on all of the conflicting information, head over to mgoblog.

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