Outgoing: Justin Turner

Just dropped on mgoblog, red-shirt freshman CB Justin Turner has requested, and been granted a transfer from UM.

From what it sounds like, JT never really materialized into the CB he was billed to be. It was suspicious that he didn't burn his red-shirt last year when we desperately needed a CB with Cissoko's departure. And it seemed even more suspicious when he failed to workout this summer with the team.

How does this impact us? Terribly. We're already young a vulnerable in the secondary. Losing the equivalent of a 5 star recruit with him ever taking a college snap puts him in Brian Bosworth territory in terms of hype vs. results.

If you're within reach of a panic button, hit it.

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  1. Justin Turner was a outstanding talent in high school.The guy was our everything he took snaps at qb played rb wr at times an was a shut down corner.He made canton mckinley look silly on a cold sat afternoon in front of 25,000 people.I just cant see him having a poor work ethic after what i saw from him in hs the guy was a leader hustler and playmaker for 3 seasons at massillon.I have to put the blame for him leaving on the coach rr quit on wvu just like turner is quiting on him lead by example.Michigan made there biggest mistake by hiring this snake he is a black eye for the whole conference