Michigan to Play Alabama in Dallas in 2012?

We don't know much yet, but we do know that an effort is being made for Michigan to play Alabama in 2012...at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. This information is coming from Brian at mgoblog...
The contract is being signed Monday. Which is tomorrow.

The following details are unconfirmed but of interest since they come from an established source:
  • Game is happening because a desperate Jerry Jones "overpaid."
  • Michigan will be the nominal home team (important mostly for TV rights) and receive more money.
  • There's no additional game scheduled and there may not be.
  • Jones might be well-positioned to provide some advice on HD scoreboards. 
Source? Source.
[Note on sourcing: in this case I am going with one source, but he is a very established one.]
My thoughts?
I actually feel pretty good about this. Yes, a home and home would be ideal, but I have to think that a game such as this for Michigan, which already has a long-standing deal with ND, and will soon have to deal with possibly 9 conference games thanks to B10 expansion, any non-conf game against a powerhouse is one I will take.

It is possible that scheduling a home and home might have been too difficult...plus as Brian points out...both teams stand to make some pretty serious scratch, even though Michigan will make more.

Put it this way...Michigan playing Alabama in Sarawak is better than Michigan not playing a top tier team at all. Michigan playing Alabama in Dallas is better than Michigan playing UMass at home.

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