Dave Brandon's Comments on NCAA Hearing

If you're a honest-to-goodness Michigan fan, and  judging by the fact that you're reading this here on a Saturday night, you are...then you probably know by now that today's NCAA hearing in Seattle was a huge media frenzy...I mean just check out the picture posted by The Detroit News' Angelique Chengelis via Twitter...

So yeah.

Regardless of what this picture doesn't reveal, there was a hearing today behind one of these closed doors. The hearing lasted a tad longer than those media in attendance thought it would...thus the picture above...but Michigan AD Dave Brandon did have this to say about the hearing [via UM Media Relations]:
We feel that the committee gave us a full and fair hearing today. Our statements today were similar to those we provided the NCAA earlier this summer: We own the mistakes we have made, we fixed some process and communication problems that caused them, and we’re keeping a close eye on this so it doesn’t happen again.
I’m proud of the extra effort everyone has been putting into compliance these past several months. Rich and his staff – in coordination with the compliance group – have been working together to keep us on the right track.
We will await the committee’s decision and we will not speculate about the outcome – we must let the process play out. We won’t comment further on this matter until after we receive the committee’s decision.
We’re going to get back to Michigan now for the start of what we expect will be a great football season.
So, until more time passes, this is all we will know.


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