Like, OMG...I Tweet Something and People Go, Like, Crazy and Stuff

We posted last night about the rumor that Tate Forcier had requested a transfer from UM. This information was reported via Twitter by Melanie Collins (the Big Ten Network's answer to Erin Andrews).

Proof? Proof.
My mistake on letting you all in on something I was told today. I did not "report" or "confirm" this information. Simply shared what
The message seems cut off, illustrating that either she was nailed through the window by a sharp-shooter mid-tweet...or that she doesn't really get how this whole internet thingy works. And yes, she did "report" it, but did not "confirm" it.

Then she tweeted this...
A source within UM told me and I shouldn't have tweeted it without confirmation. Wasn't trying to start an uproar.
Really? Wasn't trying to start an uproar? You work for the Big Ten Network...which is owned by the Big Ten Conference. You are a TV personality and you have a Twitter account followed by over 5,000 people. You post that Michigan's starting QB is transferring without any proof or confirmation and your totally shocked by the uproar??? 

Do a Google image search for "Melanie Collins"...just make sure your kids aren't in the room. 

My apologies to you, MBN reader, for allowing this rumor to filtrate onto the blog. In all fairness, we didn't post about the possibility of a transfer, but rather just a post about the rumor. All signs pointed, and still point to the fact that Forcier is safe and sound in Ann Arbor. We surely hope that this doesn't change.

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