#1 Jersey Semi-Retired?

In yesterday's presser, Rodriguez was asked if any W..R's this season would be considered for the illustrious, and sometimes controversial #1 jersey. [Update, the one who asked the question is none other than friend of MBN and fellow Michigan blogger Greg from MVictors. Nice job Greg!]
"You know we haven’t discussed the #1 jersey in about, I guess, almost two years now.  I think the last time that was brought up was probably the last time it was discussed.   It’s not retired but I guess it’s semi-retired at the moment." 
The last time he discussed the #1 jersey is when Braylon Edwards called him up to give him an earful for awarding the #1 to a player not deserving of the number before the 2008 season. If you recall, Edwards backs a scholarship for any player that wears the #1 uniform...somehow this gives him say on who gets to wear it.

I really have no idea how the #1 jersey works. Obviously at Michigan, its a number exclusive to wide receivers. And not just any receivers...receivers worthy of being considered the best receivers in Michigan history. It seemingly began with Anthony Carter in the late 70s. Notable players whom have worn the #1 jersey: Braylon Edwards, David Terrell, Derrick Alexander, Anthony Carter.

And of course, a video highlight package courtesy of Wolverine Historian:

I personally think that Rodriguez doesn't spend too much time thinking about the #1 uniform. Clearly, it represents a part of the old guard at Michigan, a part that isn't very happy with him being the head coach. I wouldn't be surprised if Rodriguez spent the rest of his career at Michigan without ever awarding the #1 jersey to a player...just too get back at Edward's for his "Lloyd Carr's Michigan" comment when he was introduced on Monday Night Football.

Whatever the case, I personally feel that none of the WRs on our current roster are deserving of the #1 jersey...yet.

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