For Your Game Week Consumption: UM Depth Chart

Via mgoblog:

Pos First Second Third
QB Denard Robinson OR
Tate Forcier OR
Devin Gardner
-- --
Vincent Smith OR
Michael Shaw
Mike Cox 4:Fitzgerald Toussaint
5:Stephen Hopkins
6:Teric Jones
WR1 Darryl Stonum OR
Junior Hemingway
Je'Ron Stokes Ricardo Miller
WR2 Martavious Odoms Jeremy Jackson Jerald Robinson
Slot Roy Roundtree OR
Kelvin Grady
Terrance Robinson Jeremy Gallon
TE Kevin Koger Martell Webb Brandon Moore
LT Mark Huyge Taylor Lewan Erik Gunderson#
LG Steve Schilling Quinton Washington Elliot Mealer
C David Molk Rocko Khoury Christian Pace
RG Patrick Omameh Ricky Barnum John Ferrara
RT Perry Dorrestein Michael Schofield Zac Ciullo#
Pos First Second Third
DE Ryan Van Bergen Jibreel Black Steve Watson
NT Mike Martin Adam Patterson William Campbell
DE/DT Greg Banks Renaldo Sagesse Terry Talbott
LB/DE Craig Roh Brandon Herron OR
JB Fitzgerald
MLB Obi Ezeh OR
Mark Moundros#
Kenny Demens --
WLB Jonas Mouton Mike Jones Kevin Leach#
Spur Carvin Johnson Thomas Gordon Floyd Simmons#
Bandit Jordan Kovacs# Marvin Robinson --
FS Cam Gordon Jared Van Slyke# Vlad Emilien
CB1 James Rogers Terrence Talbott OR
Cullen Christian
CB2 JT Floyd Courtney Avery --
Pos First Second Third
P Will Hagerup Seth Broekhuizen# ---
K Brendan Gibbons OR
Seth Broekhuizen#
Justin Meram# --
PR Jeremy Gallon OR
Martavious Odoms OR
Terrance Robinson
Drew Dileo --
KR Darryl Stonum Martavious Odoms OR
Jeremy Gallon OR
Terrance Robinson
Drew Dileo
Casual observations:

• From the head ball coach himself...any freshman listed on the depth chart will not red-shirt (i.e. Devin Gardner).

• All 3 QBs are listed as probable starters, unsurprisingly as we know the final word won't be mentioned to those QBs in question until Friday night.

• Vincent Smith and Michael Shaw will start at RB, Michael Cox will backup. Toussaint listed at 3rd string.

• The OL has seniority up front, with a bevy of younger guys as backups. The tackles have shifted to the older boys, while Taylor Lewan is a backup.

• Martavious Odoms is a WR along with Hemingway and Stonum. Roundtree, Grady and T-Rob at slot.

• No big surprises on the D-line as far as starters. Will Campbell listed on the 3rd string is probably punishment for showing up to fall camp 30 pounds overweight.

• M-Rob behind Kovacs at bandit. Carvin Johnson listed ahead of T-Gordon. C-Gordon starting at safety.

• 3 freshman listed in the cornerback spot. JT Floyd and James Rogers are starters, with Cullen Christian and Courtney Avery as the backups.

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    i know its unofficial but how official is it? i noticed teric jones is back at rb? not a cb or safety?