Recruitaholics: Your Pregame Visitor List

I touched on a few prospects who would be making the trip to AA for the Northwestern game in the latest edition of Recruitaholics.  A few more names have been confirmed to visit, a couple of them highly rated and very talented.  The significance of this game is huge for all in attendence, but Leon McQuay III is by far the most crucial.  This is (more than likely) the last oppurtunity Hoke and company will have to blow McQuay and his parents away.  The two most important recruiters of the weekend though...Jack Kennedy and Rey Reynolds or as McQuay may know them "JDK and Rey," which I'm sure we will hear plenty of at the game.  

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You can't blame Hoke for making this decision can you?  Image via here

Northwestern Attendees 

QB Shane Morris - who don't forget is very much looking forward to getting his last chance to make the visitor below go blue.
S Leon McQuay III - Sam Webb gets answers from McQuay III and his parents on matter involving his current commitment, how is last visit to AA went, and how much a good music program will play into his decision along with so much more

'14 S Parrker Westphal
'14 WR Derek Kief
'14 WR/TE Ian Bunting

'14 QB Andrew Ford
'14 DE/TE Garrett Dickerson
'14 DT Bryan Mone - teammate of '12 commit FB Sione Hauma who may be rated a little higher if it weren't for his location out west.

'14 ATH Dareian Watkins
'14 TE Kyle Rachwal
'14 DT Daniel Cage
'14 DE Zach Evans
'14 RB Jamitreus Crockham
'14 WR Nate Hall
'14 DT Logan Dziak 

'15 S Cario Dawson
'15 WR Ray Buford

Tremendous also has a list of his own with few extra names who will be up for the game Saturday.