One Major Design Flaw of Ohio Stadium

A few things irked me about the ambiance of Ohio Stadium last Saturday, but the one thing that really bothered me the most was this...

I get that home teams prefer to be on the home side of the field, and you can't exactly swap the locker rooms around, so it pretty much is what it is. Midfield scraps are going to be inevitable, especially when the Maize & Blue are in town. I doubt this is such an issue when say, Miami of Ohio, or whatever other Baby Seal U non-conference opponent is being well compensated to show up at the snake pit. But I can tell you that this layout, and the inevitability of young flaring tempers, is only inviting calamity.

And, sure enough, calamity did ensue before, and after the game on Saturday, but the post-game nonsense was brought on by the sudden influx of drunk students and middle-aged wannabes rushing the field. I didn't realize it before the game, but the student/fan section in the south endzone empties DIRECTLY ONTO THE FIELD.

Look closer...


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