Breaking B1G: Week 11 Preview

1. Nebraska4-11481517-2342227W3
1. Michigan4-1145596-3259151W1
3. Northwestern3-21491277-2274201W1
4. Iowa2-31021194-5184193L3
5. Michigan State2-41131165-5197163L1
6. Minnesota1-4961535-4215220L1
1. Ohio State6-024817010-0399239W10
2. Penn State4-1169936-3257154W1
3. Wisconsin3-2147876-3233158L1
4. Indiana2-31601654-5298260W2
5. Purdue0-5861893-6256272L5
5. Illinois0-5601942-7166298L6

My Week 10 picks: 4-1
Season total: 52-27 (.658)

Saturday, November 10th (All times eastern. My picks in bold.)
#-/21/24 Northwestern @ Michigan - ESPN
Wisconsin @ Indiana - ESPN2
Purdue @ Iowa - BTN

Penn State @ #18/16/16 Nebraska - ABC/ESPN2
Minnesota @ Illinois - BTN

Bye: Michigan State, #5/-/- Ohio State
Biggest must-watch:
All Maize & Blue eyes will be on Penn State at Nebraska. Yet again, Michigan needs the Huskers to lose so we can pull ahead going into the last two weeks of the regular season. It's never a good thing when you have to ask someone else to do your dirty work for you, because it typically never works out for you, but that's the situation Michigan is in.

Being a home game for the Huskers, I think they continue their hot streak over Penn State. When they beat Michigan State the way they did, I had this overwhelming feeling that the stars are just aligning for Nebraska. We had our shot, all we can do is watch and hope.

Upset Alert!
I would love to see Indiana beat Wisconsin. Just love it.

Snoozer of the week:
Minnesota and Illinois get to battle it out to see who the ultimate cellar-dweller is.

Bold predictions!
I think Michigan rolls. I'm not sure why, it's just a gut feeling. The rest of the league should go as planned. If Indiana somehow gets by Wisconsin, then we'll talk. Sparty and Ohio State are both off this week, so not at a lot of schadenfreude going on.