Thursday Lowdown is Now Eligible to Win the Leaders Division

If you haven't seen the Cass Tech Hell Week video series yet, go here and watch it. It's really good stuff, especially if you played high school football.

YouTube: Norfleet Kickoff Returns
You never want a kickoff return highlight video from one game to be almost two minutes long.

ESPN: OSU, PSU can be official division champs
The Big Ten confirmed to me Tuesday that both Penn State and Ohio State can be named official Leaders division champions this season -- and, in Penn State's case, during the next three seasons -- despite the postseason ban. The teams even would earn a trophy from the league for winning the division. The division representative in the Big Ten title game would not have the "champion" label if it finishes second or third in the standings. 
This has to be so irritating to the other members of the Leaders Division, namely Wisconsin and Purdue. However, if going by the letter of the law rather than the nature of the law, OSU and PSU simply just have a "post-season ban". Nowhere does it state they can't be named division champion. Loophole challenge: Accepted.

SBNation: Air Force vs. Michigan Preview: Can the Falcons Sneak Up on the Wolverines?
I'm going to read into the fact that because this headline ends with a question mark, that's a good sign.
We all know what the likely outcome of this game is going to be. Michigan is in a different class than Air Force. The Falcons have very little experience and depth is an issue all over the place. But the Falcons must not get caught up in the experience of playing in "The Big House". The offense needs to pound it and control the clock. The defense needs to play like their hair is on fire. Fly around the field and make play after play. The Michigan offense is like many offenses the Falcons see every week. Air Force's is not.
MLive: Brady Hoke discusses Bennie Oosterbaan, says he's decided who will wear his 'Legend' jersey
Michigan coach Brady Hoke says he's decided who will wear the jersey, but still isn't telling who just yet.
"I kind of put a pool of names together (with) the qualities that we would look for and the character that we would look for," Hoke said. "I think I know what we're going to do."
MVictors did a great write-up on how the un-retiring process began and how the Oosterbaan family started getting involved with the athletic department in planning this event.
Do you have a preference on who dons the #47 jersey in 2012?  Do you have any say or insight into the decision?

McCready: I would love to see Jordan Kovacs wear #47 but I don’t have any say in that decision. I trust the coaches to pick the right player.
I suspect Ben McCready, godson and namesake of Bennie, to be pretty spot on with that prediction.

UMHoops: Report: Austin Hatch reclassifies to class of 2014
 Great of the Indiana High School Athletic Association to step up and help this kid out.
WANE-TV is reporting that Michigan commitment Austin Hatch has been granted an additional year of eligibility by the IHSAA and will reclassify to the class of 2014. Hatch is a survivor of two plane crashes, the most recent in June of 2011 which took the life of his father and step mother and left him in a medically induced coma for a significant amount of time.
SBNation: Nick Saban, The Unhappiest Camper
Sorry Nick, no one is coming to your pity party.

Assorted Bits
USC allegedly broke more NCAA rules. They also re-instated the scholarship for LB Simione Vehikite after spending some time in prison on 4 felony counts, including leaving the scene of an accident; driving under the influence causing injury; driving with a .08% blood-alcohol level and causing injury; and identity theft.

Dantonio tells his own players to shut up. SBNation's Spencer Hall breaks down week 1. Folks with Dish Network may soon be losing BTN. Grandma at an Iowa tailgate bongs a beer like a champ. The Blockhams are moving forward.

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