Thursday Lowdown digs deep for bye-week content

If you're here looking for Michigan game week content, we're sorry to be the ones to break it to you...but it is, in fact, a bye week. But we won't let a little detail like that sidetrack us. We must soldier on.

YouTube: Hawkeye Nice
This gets posted here for two reasons..."What can I say, Central Michigan is a really good team." and "You regret your decision now, AC Slater?"

It's like being dunked in a pool of snark.

YouTube: Badger Style
Oh no. Not you too, Wisconsin? These videos are like zombies. Eventually, we all get bit.

DetNews: U-M's Desmond Howard ready for double dose of hate at MSU
Not that I don't think Des can't handle himself in front of Michigan's two biggest rival fan bases at once when College Gameday visits East Lansing on Saturday. All he needs to do is flash his Heisman trophy, Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, All-American honor, his 4 Big Ten title rings, Super Bowl ring and Super Bowl MVP trophy – and that should shut 'em up pretty quick.
 "When (the students at the GameDay set) do what they do — you can ask Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and (Lee) Corso — it's really comical to us. These are college kids, so they're smart enough to know their boos are like their applause for my body of work against their teams. That's what a smart, older gentleman told me recently. He said, 'Had you not done anything against these teams, they wouldn't care who you are. You wouldn't get any reaction.' It's like they're applauding me. It's like they're giving me a standing ovation."
And, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame last year.
 "Most of them weren't born when I was doing what I did (at Michigan)," he said, continuing to laugh. "I'll ask them, 'Do you even know what happened.' I don't even blame the kids. I blame their parents — it's just the way they were raised."
Oh screw it, just show this video.

MVictors: Ufer Cries Treason!
Greg offers up some vintage controversy dating back to the infamous 1973 Rose Bowl vote by Big Ten athletic directors after the UM-OSU 10-10 tie. He also posted an audio clip of Bob Ufer calling into WJR's JP McCarty's morning show to discuss the "turncoats". Go. Listen. Now.
The 6-4 vote sent Woody and the Buckeyes to Pasadena and Ufer wants names:
MZone: The Original "Replacement Refs"
Yes, the regular NFL refs are going to back to work this weekend with their new 8-year deal intact. But Yost reminds us of the original "replacement refs" via this pic from the infamous 1979 Rose Bowl's phantom touchdown scored by USC's Reggie White.

DetNews: U-M's Al Borges: 'Miscommunication' caused breakdown on Vincent Smith pass play
"We had a miscommunication up front," Borges said Wednesday night during the "Inside Michigan Football" radio show. "We had nobody in front of the halfback. It's one of those mistakes that can be a little game-specific. We had set the play up by running a pitch earlier. All we did was watch if the safety forced quickly, and he did. So we were going to wait until we were positioned on an early down and run the pitch halfback pass.

"I've got to say this, and probably unjustifiably so, but I had complete confidence that play was going to work. We had a miscommunication up front. We didn't get people in front of the halfback and (Notre Dame linebacker Manti) T'eo got pressure."
Assorted bits
Shutdown Fullback: Week 5 Sucks. There was a Schembechler estate sale, which has since been cancelled, which had a smattering of football-related mementos. Michigan basketball will play 14 games on ESPN/CBS this year. Tremendous checks in on Columbus.