Monday lowdown has no problem playing Notre Dame

Today's lowdown starts off with some images from Saturday. I've been informed by Daniel that today's Recruitaholics has been postponed due to an accidental deletion of the entire post just minutes from being published (I know the feeling). So expect that to hit later this week.

Whatever was in the endzone at Ole Miss needed strong military protection. I came for the hat wiggle, and stayed for the guy's reaction on the right.

I know things in Gainesville haven't been great this year, but players are already hiding their faces. Not sure what's going on here.

Keeping it in the state of Florida, a slightly less than capacity crowd took in the Miami Hurricane's home game on Saturday against the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats.
"We're gonna need more smoke."
Yet another Florida school, Florida State...the #5 team in the country, had a rough time filling their stadium to watch them hang 52 unanswered points on Wake Forest. Point and laugh, but Michigan is another ticket price increase away from this.

MLive: Notre Dame loses safety Jamoris Slaughter for the season, secondary thinned for Michigan game reports that Matthias Farley, a redshirt freshman converted wide receiver, will likely start in Slaughter's place this Saturday when the 11th-ranked Fighting Irish host No. 18 Michigan (7:30 p.m., NBC). 
This should only help us.

MGoBlog: Unverified Voracity says Forever ND
This should be printed on the back of the "Rudy Sucks" t-shirt.
Anyone who wants to stop playing ND is nuts. It's an easy road trip, the fans there are incredibly nice, you get more credit for beating them than you deserve, and Michigan has feasted on ND hearts for five of the last six years. The Notre Dame series is fantastic, and it's not like you can't schedule a second real team despite having that. Michigan State has Oregon and Alabama lined up in the future, and college football is moving towards a committee approach that has schedule strength as a point of emphasis. ND is not a death knell for playing other interesting opponents going forward.

Meanwhile, think of what Notre Dame has given us. Awful, awful things like Rocket and Harry Oliver. Awesome things like Yakety Sax, Yakety Sax II, "Oh Wide Open," and the last three years. Charlie Weis. Lou Holtz. Freekbass. NDNation. NDNation!

Not playing Notre Dame is stupid. It's stupid that Michigan doesn't play them in basketball and stupid that they seemingly won't be playing much in hockey after the CCHA breaks up. More Notre Dame. Always Notre Dame. They are the perfect foil. I love them, the bastards. Let's never stop playing them. Amen.
YouTube: Pregamming with Pat - UMass
I never feel great about the future of our country after watching these.

Assorted bits
Shutdown Fullback recaps week 3. Michigan's off, but here's the TV times for Sept. 29th. I refuse to embed this. Michigan put the block-M on their endzone pylons this season, and broke NCAA rules in the process.