Recruitaholics: Grab A Cold One

This Week:  Vacation!
I know my usual Monday Recruitaholics post was absent this week, and I'm sure you all just couldn't go on with your week like usual without it.  That I apologize for!  I'm actually on vacation in sunny Clearwater, FL and had some troubles with my internet and the post I had prepared.  I don't want to talk about it.  So below I chose a few major story lines that you shouldn't miss out on.  Please try to enjoy, maybe even enjoy with a beer, I know I did while throwing this together as you can see below.

But good news...The Wolverine put together a great list of how each of our '13 commits faired over the weekend.  I mean it's no Recruitaholics post, but it is put together very well (totally kidding, The Wolverine does an exceptional job).  

TomVH has the latest on the development of '13 commit QB Shane Morris' status involving his fight with mono and whether he will be out the rest of the season:

Michigan quarterback commit Shane Morris (Warren, Mich./De La Salle), the No. 26 player in the 2013 ESPN 150, has contracted mononucleosis, jeopardizing the final five games of his senior season.
 Morris was hospitalized for treatment Wednesday and was expected to stay overnight. The nation's fourth-ranked quarterback couldn't finish the game on Saturday, won't play this weekend, and said he "has no clue" about whether he'll play again this season.

Dr. Benjamin Wedro, a board-certified physician, believes the virus could prevent the signal-caller from returning to the field.
"The infection can sap your strength and weaken you for four to six weeks, making it tough to practice to play," Wedro said. "Many non-athlete college kids lose a semester recuperating because they are too tired to attend class."

Wedro also said the virus could lead to injury if football is reintroduced too soon.
"A complication of mono is spenomegaly, or an enlarged spleen, where the spleen gets big enough that it can be felt in the abdomen below the protective border of the left lower rib cage," he said. "Those patients need to avoid all physical contact because the spleen is at risk for injury, fracture and rupture."

Michigan's top-ranked commit also decided to suspend his Twitter account during this time. He had gained attention from fans and rival fans after hearing of his illness.
"I didn't delete it. I just suspended it," he said. "I need to rest while I have mono and I didn't want anything distracting me. I'll be back on."
As you can see, it doesn't look good and there is a lot of risk when dealing with a situation like this.  I dealt with a similar thing back in my hay-day and missed a significant amount of time.  Let's all hope for the best and send Morris our best regards. 

MGoBlog has some good tibbits, including more on the above story lines, that you can feast your thirst on in my absence.  There are two updates this week and "Monday's Recruiting" will keep you up to date with the latest news.  Also check out a great breakdown in its weekly "Thursday Recruiting" segment. 

Once again, I apologize for the lack of a post on Monday, but I had some fish to catch (three sharks among many others), some beer to drink, and some waves to ride.  But I'll be back in full force starting on Monday so be ready.  Please feel free to make a comment below or hit me up on twitter @dwinslow09 if you have any questions on how commits or prospects did over the weekend or any other recruiting questions you may have.  #GOBLUE