Michigan - UMass statistical breakdown

MICHIGANValue (Nat. Rank)Value (Nat. Rank)UMASSADV.
Rushing Offense (ypg)141.50 (74)234.00 (110)Rushing Defense (ypg)UM
Passing Offense (ypg)204.00 (84)255.00 (82)Passing Defense (ypg)PUSH
Pass Eff. Offense117.66 (93)131.93 (74)Pass Eff. DefensePUSH
Total Offense (ypg)345.50 (84)489.00 (110)Total Defense (ypg)UM
Scoring Offense (ppg)22.50 (88)41.00 (112)Scoring Defense (ppg)UM
Rushing Defense (ypg)261.00 (113)40.50 (121)Rushing Offense (ypg)PUSH
Passing Defense (ypg)163.00 (22)121.00 (119)Passing Offense (ypg)UM+++
Pass Eff. Defense137.46 (79)84.79 (123)Pass Eff. OffenseUM+
Total Defense (ypg)424.00 (81)161.50 (124)Total Offense (ypg)UM+
Scoring Defense (ppg)33.00 (93)3.00 (124)Scoring Offense (ppg)UM
Net Punting Yards34.00 (95)1.67 (102)Punt Return YardsPUSH
Punt Return Yards2.00 (T-95)33.38 (102)Net Punting YardsPUSH
Kickoff Return Yards22.17 (T-47)26.50 (109)Kickoff Return DefenseUM++
Kickoff Return Defense32.00 (117)23.14 (41)Kickoff Return YardsMA++
Turnover Margin-1.50 (96)1.50 (T-19)Turnover MarginMA++
Penalty Yds /Gm72.00 (T-101)57.00 (T-73)Penalty Yds /GmMA
Sacks /Gm1.00 (T-89)2.00 (T-68)Sacks Allowed /GmMA
Sacks Allowed /Gm.50 (T-14).50 (T-113)Sacks /GmUM+++
Redzone Off. (%)100.00 (T-1)90.00 (T-94)Redzone Def. (%)UM+++
Redzone Def. (%)80.00 (T-57)50.00 (T-118)Redzone Off. (%)UM++
Redzone TD %66.67 (T-41)60.00 (T-66)Redzone TD Def. %UM
Redzone TD Def. %60.00 (T-66)50.00 (T-78)Redzone TD %PUSH
3rd Down Conv. %34.78 (98)40.63 (T-79)3rd Down Def. %PUSH
3rd Down Def. %48.39 (104)21.21 (122)3rd Down Conv. %PUSH
1st Downs /Gm15.00 (T-114)24.50 (104)1st Downs Allowed /GmPUSH
1st Downs Allowed /Gm23.00 (T-87)8.5 (124)1st Downs /GmUM

Difference > 20 in national rank = Team
Difference > 40 in national rank = Team+
Difference > 60 in national rank = Team++
Difference > 80 in national rank = Team+++

Stat bullets:
• The tale of the stats can be summed up by just looking at the average ranking of Michigan's and UMass's week 1 and 2 opponents. (Alabama and Air Force versus UConn and Indiana)
• Not only is this weekend's game against UMass a confidence booster, it should also serve as a stats booster as well. Almost every category is lacking drastically from where Michigan finished in 2011...especially on defense.
• By the time we enter B1G play, we should have a pretty good idea, statistically where Michigan stands versus opponents. I do realize that this sort of thing is kind of an exercise in futility, because, really how much can early season numbers tell you about a team?
• The only numbers really worth remembering are 82 and 6. That's the amount UMass has been outscored by in two games so far. They were shut out by UConn in week 1.