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MVictors: Where's The Party?
I tweeted a few times Saturday night during the interceptathon that the "professional" atmosphere in the Notre Dame pressbox was slightly less professional than what should be expected.
It’s well known that the media is prohibited from cheering in the press box but it’s not just a collection of writers upstairs at Notre Dame.  After Denard connected with Gardner on a third down conversion in the first half some dude belted out, “DAMN IT!”.    When Denard took off on a run later in the game, I heard, “GET ‘EM!”.   And so on.   I’m actually glad this happened because it created some much needed lighter moments on the glass.
Hoover Street Rag: Knowing
I'm going to spare everyone who reads this site by not posting everyone's review of this game. Denard threw a lot of picks and it cost us the game. Boom. Done.

Instead, I'm going to post this, a response to Denard's post-game apology, written by Craig Barker at HSR.
First of all Denard, that's a pretty big apology and probably unnecessary in the grand scheme.  The people who understand that you are still a net positive, that you are still one of the most dynamic and special players to have wandered through our football lives, well, they don't need it and those who cannot understand any of those things will not care how you feel, they will instead focus on what you did and why it was so awful.  But in an era when personal accountability is used as a punch line or a sound bite all too often, I appreciate the spirit in which it was offered, because I believe from everything I read, it was sincere.

But man, that feeling, that feeling of responsibility that it is all your fault, that you are the proximate cause of a disaster, that you, and you alone, bear the awesome burden of responsibility of failure when so many are counting on you, that has to be hard.  Any of us may have had that feeling, in a small scale, within the private lives we lead, but I don't know if anyone reading can say that they would have felt this way as a 22 year old* and one of the most famous athletes in the country who just laid an egg on national television.  But I do think, if we take inventory, we've had that moment of not wanting to feel a certain way anymore.  It's hard to shake, and sometimes you just need to say it aloud, to hear your voice say the words, even if just to yourself, but sometimes to a throng of assembled media.  You have to know that the road to feeling better comes with telling yourself that this sucks and I am taking personal responsibility to make it better.  It is in this knowledge, in this knowing that you have started down this path, that it, theoretically, makes every part of getting better and not feeling that way possible.

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It should be noted that this is "Happy Mark". They won...barely.

WNDU: Woman missing bottom row of teeth following gameday fight 
Exactly one person had a worse night in South Bend than Denard.
While police were talking to the men, a woman approached officers and said she'd been hit in the face with a case of Natural Light Beer. The woman had very visible wounds, most profound, her entire bottom row of teeth were missing. Notre Dame Gigapixel
If you were at the Notre Dame game, find youself on this 360-degree super high-res photo. Here's me (behind the left column) sitting between @mattslovin and @samwebb77. Greg from @MVictors is in the hat, and next to him is Phil from @umgoblog. Can't you tell how happy we are to be here?!

Not sure who this is, but this is how I felt.

Dayton Daily News: OSU president expenses in the millions
Gee has spent more than $64,000 on bow ties. Seriously. That's not a joke. Actually, that is a joke. Gee hasn't spent a dime, taxpayers have paid over $64,000 for Gee's signature bow ties. Chew on that Ohio.
Since returning to Columbus as the university’s president in October 2007, the 68-year-old Gee has pulled in $8.6 million in salary and compensation, making him the highest paid CEO of a public university in the country.

But his expenses — hidden among hard-to-get records that the university took nearly a year to release — tally nearly as much: $7.7 million.
Assorted bits
Brady Hoke's post-game presser. ND photo galleries from mgoblog and umgoblog. This just in...the Big Ten is no good this year. Larry Foote is not a fan of NFL replacement refs.

I don't know who Tami Hughes of Fox 6 News is, but I like her.