Michigan - Notre Dame statistical breakdown

MICHIGANValue (Nat. Rank)Value (Nat. Rank)NOTRE DAMEADV.
Rushing Offense (ypg)192.33 (45)96.33 (23)Rushing Defense (ypg)PUSH
Passing Offense (ypg)233.00 (67)192.33 (38)Passing Defense (ypg)ND
Pass Eff. Offense142.18 (48)106.24 (26)Pass Eff. DefenseND
Total Offense (ypg)425.33 (52)288.67 (18)Total Defense (ypg)ND
Scoring Offense (ppg)36.00 (T-33)8.00 (8)Scoring Defense (ppg)PUSH
Rushing Defense (ypg)211.33 (104)155.67 (67)Rushing Offense (ypg)ND
Passing Defense (ypg)157.67 (12)233.00 (67)Passing Offense (ypg)UM+
Pass Eff. Defense117.59 (43)128.27 (74)Pass Eff. OffenseUM
Total Defense (ypg)369.00 (57)388.67 (72)Total Offense (ypg)PUSH
Scoring Defense (ppg)26.33 (75)30.00 (67)Scoring Offense (ppg)PUSH
Net Punting Yards37.00 (62)4.00 (96)Punt Return YardsUM
Punt Return Yards5.00 (91)40.73 (17)Net Punting YardsND++
Kickoff Return Yards22.14 (49)25.20 (112)Kickoff Return DefenseUM++
Kickoff Return Defense23.75 (101)21.20 (54)Kickoff Return YardsND+
Turnover Margin-1.00 (T-94)1.67 (11)Turnover MarginND+++
Penalty Yds /Gm61.30 (T-81)41.00 (T-35)Penalty Yds /GmND+
Sacks /Gm1.00 (T-99)2.67 (93)Sacks Allowed /GmPUSH
Sacks Allowed /Gm.67 (13)3.67 (10)Sacks /GmPUSH
Redzone Off. (%)100.00 (T-1)80.00 (T-63)Redzone Def. (%)UM++
Redzone Def. (%)88.33 (T-75)80.00 (T-71)Redzone Off. (%)PUSH
Redzone TD %88.89 (10)40.00 (T-28)Redzone TD Def. %PUSH
Redzone TD Def. %50.00 (T-37)53.33 (T-84)Redzone TD %UM+
3rd Down Conv. %44.12 (53)34.88 (49)3rd Down Def. %PUSH
3rd Down Def. %45.83 (97)44.19 (T-51)3rd Down Conv. %ND+
1st Downs /Gm19.00 (T-85)16.00 (T-23)1st Downs Allowed /GmND++
1st Downs Allowed /Gm20.30 (T-69)20.70 (T-66)1st Downs /GmPUSH

Difference > 20 in national rank = Team
Difference > 40 in national rank = Team+
Difference > 60 in national rank = Team++
Difference > 80 in national rank = Team+++

Stat bullets:
• Michigan was able to right the ship, so to speak, statistically last week against UMass. That and the Alabama game pretty much cancel each other
• Turnovers let Michigan back into and kept Michigan in the game last year. The way things are going so far this year, Michigan needs to get better at creating turnovers, and Notre Dame is doing much better protecting the football this season. I don't see mistakes being a huge part of this game this year.
• I think if you just look at this chart, you notice Notre Dame has the advantage in pretty much every stat that matters. But one area that there isn't a stat for, is when Denard Robinson has the football. That's a huge advantage for Michigan. In two starts, Denard has 948 total yards against Notre Dame.
• If they can force ND to pass, that's probably the biggest area of advantage for Michigan. Golson is a good QB, but he's young and doesn't have full control of the offense yet. That said, he doesn't seem to force things too much, which has to be good for Irish fans to see.

The full Notre Dame preview will be up tomorrow.

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