All Eyes On Thomas Rawls

Thomas Rawls protecting the rock at the Spring Game.
With the availability of junior RB Fitzgerald Toussaint in limbo for the season opener against Alabama since his little run in with Johnny Law a few weeks ago, all eyes have shifted to backups senior Vincent Smith and sophomore Thomas Rawls.

Via the Detroit News
Offensive coordinator Al Borges said Wednesday before practice that the tailback situation, with leading tailback Fitz Toussaint suspended indefinitely while he deals with legal issues, is sorting itself out only a few days into preseason camp.

"We're just going to the next guy. We're not really changing anything," Borges said. "So, Thomas Rawls is that next guy, Vince (Smith) is going to do what he's done, and on we go. I think the key to these situations from game-plan perspective is to try to make it as seamless as you can and just go."

"He's reckless," Borges said when asked to describe Rawls' running style. "He runs with a demeanor that's aggressive. Suffice it to say aggressive would be the best word. He looks like he's mad when he runs sometimes. He's a tough guy. You hit him, you're going to feel him, I promise you that. You are going to feel him. There are times he's just simply not interested in avoiding you."
If there's one thing I love about Al Borges, it's the way he just deals with the situation he has in front of him. He doesn't dwell (at least publicly) on Fitz maybe not being on the field on September 1st...he just moves on to who is. I like think this is how he approaches game planning. I think there's a lot to be said for that.

Same can be said for the receiver situation we have. "What's that...we need tall receivers? Hey Devin, wanna get some more playing time?".

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