Big Ten Branding in Effect at Michigan

Last week at the annual Big Ten media days in Chicago, we got a look at many of the uniforms B1G teams will be wearing this fall. According to UM media relations, all 12 Big Ten schools will be sporting the conference logo on their jerseys this fall. No word on whether alternate uniforms will get the same logo treatment – I suspect they will not.

Michigan's classic home uni...
In addition to logos on the uniforms, each team's field will also be adorned the B1G logo on opposite 25-yardlines. I snapped this pic on Tuesday...

In case you were wondering, those logos were cut into the field as whole squares, they were not painted on. I spoke with the director of football operations who told me the squares will stand out at first due to the fact that they're new and the rest of the field is two season old. New fieldturf tends to "stand up" more when it's brand new. They do hope to break-in the new turf pieces prior to September 8th.

No official word yet on if the logos will stay white or if they will be painted.

I could be wrong, but this is the first time I can remember the Big Ten logo ever appearing on the field of play in Michigan Stadium...or on the uniforms for that matter.

Personally, I'm indifferent to the branding push by the Big Ten here. We're all Big Ten schools, and maybe its high time we rally around that fact. I don't know? Maybe it will create a renewed sense of B1G pride among fans. Other conferences do it. I'm just glad there's no hashtag.

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