Wednesday Lowdown is Suddenly Second in All-Time Winning Percentage

As we speed closer toward gameday, gooey football bits are plentiful. Thus, today's lowdown is rife with game week stories.

Alabama will show where Michigan stands
Bob Wojnowski is a staple in the Detroit sports media world. His latest Detroit News piece takes a really good look at Michigan heading into maybe the biggest test of a program that they've had in years. He also takes a look at the status of running back Fitz Toussaint for Saturday.
Whether undermanned, undersized or slightly overlooked, the Wolverines will get a chance to show where they stand. Hoke is returning a program to its power-football roots, and this monstrous clash should help reveal the scope of the task.
We didn't delve into the depth-chart much around here. I'm not really sure why. Luckily Maize & Blue News did.
The Michigan depth chart can be a mysterious creation. During Lloyd Carr’s time as head coach, when asked why a player appeared at a particular spot on the depth chart, he often quipped that it was because former media relations staff member Jim Schneider had placed him there.
Denard Robinson, Heisman Trophy winner and national champion? Book it, Wolverines
I have upgraded my prediction from the summer. Michigan is going 14-0. The Wolverines will be national champions this year.
To quote Maize & Brew's Zach Travis...
I'll have what he's having.
It's Kool-aid. He's drinking lots and lots of Kool-aid.
SI college football columnist Stewart Mandel takes a broad view of the events of the off-season and how they will impact the sport moving forward.
A year ago this week, Joe Paterno was beginning the 46th season of his Penn State career, his biggest concern seemingly his underperforming quarterbacks. Who could have foreseen Paterno being fired before season's end, his reputation sullied for failing to stop a sickening child predator who roamed the Penn State locker room? By January Paterno had passed away; last month Penn State, one of the four remaining BCS programs to never have committed a major NCAA violation, received the stiffest NCAA sanctions since SMU.

On a lighter note, LSU beat Oregon that first Saturday night en route to a perfect regular season and berth in the BCS championship game. That wasn't entirely surprising. The fact that LSU and Alabama staged a rematch of their regular-season meeting two months later, however, was entirely unprecedented and unpopular.

Oh, and over the summer college football adopted a playoff. That really happened.

Within the span of 12 months, the aforementioned events redefined history and fundamentally altered the sport. And that doesn't include a whole bunch of other changes that in most years would have been deemed hugely notable.
The Blockhams: Turn Back the Tide Wallpapers
If you don't follow "The Blockhams", the Michigan-themed internet comic centered around a family of die-hard Michigan fans, then you're simply missing out. Check them out and get the wallpaper!

I Love You Denard [YouTube]

This video has been pasted all over the internet these last couple days. It's quirky, probably made Denard feel a little uncomfortable, but ultimately, it was well made and it's what's wrong with that? When I first watched it, I must have missed this, but the framed photo of Denard at around the 1:16 mark looked very familiar to me.

Now, I don't care at all that my photo was used. I mark every photo I upload to Flickr with an attribution license. There was no attribution, but I'll let it slide just as long as I get a cameo in Pat's next video.

Fan Film Breakdown: Say Roll Tide, I'll Give You Another Piece of Ice
Warning: Southern language

The MZone's new feature of showcasing homemade fan videos from Michigan's opponents is something the internet so desperately needs. Roll Tide grandma is wrong on so many levels.

Packers star bashes NFL's replacement refs
Well, first of all...the 'Packers star' is Charles Woodson. Second, he didn't so much as bash the refs as much as he simply told it like it is from the perspective of an all-pro who's spent 15 years in the league.
"They haven't been very good," said Woodson. "That's the honest opinion. Before preseason started, I think you're optimistic. But it's almost like a young guy coming into the NFL. The game goes too fast for them.

"Now, could they go through a season and get better? Sure. But there's going to be a lot of bad officiating going on until they catch up to the speed of the game."
NCAA Division 1 FBS football win-loss records [Wikipedia]
Today I learned...based purely on percentage, Michigan has fallen to #2 all-time in the football bowl subdivision since the addition of South Alabama for the 2013-14 season.
Team Won Lost Tied Pct. Years Total Games Conference
South Alabama 23 4 0 .8519 3 27 Sun Belt
Michigan 895 310 36 .7357 132 1241 Big Ten
Notre Dame 853 300 42 .7314 123 1195 Independent
Boise State 377 146 2 .7200 44 525 Mountain West
Oklahoma 821 307 53 .7176 117 1181 Big 12
Texas 858 330 33 .7162 119 1221 Big 12
Ohio State 1 825 316 53 .7131 122 1194 Big Ten
Alabama 2 814 320 43 .7099 117 1177 SEC
Southern California 3 779 313 54 .7033 118 1146 PAC 12
Nebraska 846 349 40 .7012 122 1235 Big Ten


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