Hype Videos: We Has Them

So it's hype videos that you crave? This ought to satisfy.

Official Michigan-Alabama hype video via the mothership

Not much of a hype video, but can't a man profess his love for a superstar quarterback without it getting all weird. You be the judge. Nice use of Zach Novak and notable Michigan internet stars in this video too, btw. Also, HUGE bonus points for the use of a certain photo at 1:17 which I snapped of Denard after the Nebraska game last year.

2012 hype video...fergodsakes

This one might be my favorite. +1 for good use of former Heisman winners.

This is actually the video played at Michigan Stadium prior to the 2011 Ohio State game. (Goosebump-inducing live version here)

Another 2012 hype video...fergodsakes

Fitz's run at 2:20 makes this one worth watching

One more for good measure. This one makes good use of 2011 defensive highlights

Know of any other great 2012 hype videos? Post links in the comments.

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  1. That is why they are called " Hype Videos" they don' t always match the " Hype" in Real Games every week. But it' s Fun to Hope and wish however..