Media Day Tidbits

Coach Hoke, breaking it down on media day.
Still sifting through the over 380 photos I shot from media day today. We'll get those posted ASAP. Until then, here's some media day bullets. Enjoy!

• Brady Hoke confirmed at his presser this morning that WR Roy Roundtree underwent arthroscopic surgery (!) on his knee yesterday to repair some worn cartilage. It has been bugging him lately so they decided to take care of it now. He's expected to make a full recovery and be back in two weeks.

This news took the room by surprise, that's for sure. And a two week recovery seems pretty optimistic to me. This will likely be the first question at every presser for the remainder of fall camp.

• No word yet on the fate of RB Fitzgerald Toussaint and/or Frank Clark. They are very much in Brady Hoke's dog house, there's no question about that. Hoke would not confirm if they would or would not dress for Alabama. My gut tells me he's leaning no based on how much he stresses accountability and discipline when addressing both players.

• In listening in two some Q&A with RB Thomas Rawls, he seems very confident and excited about this potential starting opportunity against Alabama.

• DB Tamani Carter is no longer with the football program. This sounds like it was a mutual decision based on, among other factors, playing time.

• No freshman were at the media event today.

• Devin Gardner, now #12, took a lot of questions about his moonlighting as a WR. He's understandably excited about that new expanded role.

• Hoke took a lot of questions about the impact playing Alabama in the opener has had on the intensity of practices at fall camp. There's no doubt it's on the mind of everyone in the program. At this point, this can only be seen as a positive. Practices are intense, but it's making guys compete harder, and that's the key.

That's all from me for now. More to come, including a massive photo gallery, soon.

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