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This Week: Commits in Action (Debut), Prospects in Action (Debut), 2014 News, and Yes, unfortunately...Sayonara Suckas

Making it Recruitaholics debut, Commits/Prospects in Action is going to provide you with a week by week breakdown of how current Michigan '13 commits and also of certain prospects who Michigan is interested in perform in their retrospective HS games.  Not every commit/prospect will be mentioned.

Commits in Action
Let's start your rehab with quite possibly, one of the coolest pictures I've seen this year dealing with a recruit:

 Image via here
Anyways, QB Shane Morris took the field for the first time this past weekend and he put up pretty decent numbers.  He completed 14 of his 26 pass attempts for 177 yards with 2 TDS and 1 INT.  There was a report that his receivers may have dropped a few passes and that penalties caused a few completions to come back.  Along with that, he started the game going 1/7 with 11 yards and the INT in the 1st quarter.  His next 3 quarters though, he was able to get it going and went 13/19 with 2 TD's which is much more respectable.  Still not a shabby way to start the season...most important thing: He led his team to a WIN! (35-0).  See Shane's performance for yourself below:

Maybe the most impressive performance of the week come from RB Deveon Smith.  Smith carried the ball 17 times for 311 (!!!) yards and 3 TD's in his team's win on Friday.  He's making everyone say "Derrick Green who?"  Does anything else really need to be said?  Ok, one thing: He averaged almost enough yards for two first down's on each carry (18.3) and fell 98 yards shy of breaking the record. Thats it.  Just look for yourself:

A word that I thought I would've chosen in describing S Dymonte Thomas' performance in his first game might have been impressive, talented, or smart, but instead I'm going with classy and mature.  This kid just gets it.  He led the defense in holding their opponent to 101 total yards for the game even though they still lost.  But this is what impressed me the most:
Kid is giving props to the opponent on a great game!!  Thomas understands the game of football and how you get better and he definitely excites me the most out of anyone else in this class.  His versatility (he played QB,RB,TE,S,MLB,OLB) is enough proof in itself of how talented this kid is.   

LB Mike McCray had a sack and a forced fumble on the same play early in the game for Trotwood (OH).  He seemed to have injured himself soon after, but turned out to be ok.  Had a dominate performance once he returned making fast breaks on the ball and blowing up play after play. 

WR commit C'sonte York also took part in his first game this past weekend.  TomVH was able to talk to his coach and get his stat line.  He played both offense and defense:

DB commit Channing Stribling sure proved something to the staff with his impressive performance last week in his first action of the year.  He was bumped up to a 3-star and moves up to the #58 CB in the country.

DB Gareon Conley was another commit that was hard to find much info about...I did find that he led his team with 81 yards receiving and I found a video (yay!) of his highlights from the 55-21 victory.

No defensive plays unfortunately but Conley definitely displays his speed and quickness.  Could he be a future return man on top of excelling at DB?  Looks like he's got the athleticism and skills to succeed at both.

CB Jourdan Lewis had his impressive summer showing carry over to the regular season.  He was making plays all over the field, even as a QB (you'll see below).  Watch the move he puts on this guy:

Tremendous was in attendence and put together a great breakdown of future commits as well as prospects (check out below for a little preview) who turned heads.  Commit OL David Dawson appears in some of these videos as well.  Look for #71.  '14 prospect Damon Webb is #2.

Commit RB/FB Wyatt Shallman and his team didn't have much of a test in their opening week match-up winning 35-0.  He was able to compile 50 yards on 5 carries and a TD on offense and added 8 tackles (3 for loss) on defense.  Not to shabby considering he probably didn't play the whole game. 

LB Ben Gedeon was a tough one to find stats for too, but's Josh Newkirk was in attendance and comments about nice play he made and gives him an interesting (but good) nickname:

DE Taco Charlton was part of his team's 28-15 victory.  No stats were found but Sam Webb said he made plays on both sides of the ball. 

DE Henri Poggi was in action earlier this evening.  Couldn't find much here either, but Kyle Bogenschutz did give us his reaction to a great play by Poggi.  In some other interesting news, GBW is being told by Mr. Poggi that Alabama is "relentless" in coming after Poggi. 

Lone '14 commit LB Michael Ferns helped his team pull out a victory in their opening contest.  And even made the front page of his home town paper's sport section:

Not much info here besides that Ferns did end up scoring 2 TD's before it was all said and done. 

Prospects in Action

Top RB Derrick Green was a major factor this weekend for his Hermitage squad in their 38-0 whooping.  ESPN provides some highlights and also caught up with Green to get his insight on his performance and recent news with his recruitment.

IL WR Laquon Treadwell had a huge debut (and he didn't even need two halves).  Getting 147 yards on 3 catches in one half of football is pretty good right?! O and that's only 49 yards a catch in case you were wondering...sub par I guess (picking up the sarcasm I hope).  One way he was able to gain some of those yards and wow the crowd:

Some other good news from the Treadwell carousel:
Treadwell also received confirmation that he will be playing in the Under Armor All American game along side 7 (!!!!) Michigan commits.

Tom Markowski of the Detroit News put together some great analysis of the top talent in the state of Michigan for the '13 class.  And as expected, Michigan commits dominate the list.

2014 News

OH LB Clifton Garrett is supposedly scheduling a visit to AA to witness the Paul Bunyan Trophy game against MSU according to Wolverines247 analyst Clint Brewster.  Still no offer for the talented backer, but this is a good start.

IL DB Parrker Westphal has been a hot commodity of late and has really seen his recruitment blow up.  Michigan is just one of the many big time programs to extend an offer his way.  Taylor Bell of had a chance to chat with Westphal about how he makes a name for himself.
One quote in the article that really stood out to me:
 "Last spring, I realized how much colleges want big and strong and fast cornerbacks. It is one of the toughest positions in football to recruit. I realize I am in demand. Colleges don't want 5-foot-8 or 5-foot-9 cornerbacks trying to defend 6-foot-5 or 6-foot-6 receivers. I have to hit like a linebacker, be the size of a safety and cover like a cornerback with speed and footwork."
Love this!  Just another player who just seems to get it.  Hoke and this staff are recruiting guys with character and smarts for the game and I couldn't do it any better or be any happier. 

Sayonara Suckas

In-state (Cass Tech) OL Dennis Finley committed to Michigan State late tonight according to his coach.  Looks like one finally slips away and escapes the pipeline although Michigan had still yet to offer.  

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