Week 5 Injury Report

Via UM press release:
University of Michigan Football Injury Report
vs. Indiana, Oct. 2, 2010

Jones, Mike                        Leg
Shaw, Michael                   Knee
Toussaint, Fitzgerald       Shoulder
Van Slyke, Jared               Clavicle
Williams, Mike                   Head
Woolfolk, Troy                  Ankle

Ferrara, John                     Hand

Herron, Brandon              Ankle
Johnson, Carvin                Knee
Robinson, Denard            Knee
Couple things. I don't like seeing Denard Robinson on the 75% list. Even though he's cleared to play, and everyone knows that, it's still disconcerning to see his name in print on this list. Running backs are going to be thin this week with Shaw and Toussaint out. I'm not suprised to see Shaw out this week, but I am surprised to see Toussaint on the 0% list.He had a huge breakout performance last week against BGSU. I actually followed him off the field after last week's game (image below) and he didn't seem to be favoring an injury.

With Shaw out, I'm really surprised to see Fitz on this list.

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