MSU's Rucker to Jail, But Not Off the Team?

On the heals of Michigan State's huge win against the Wolverines, a major blow has been dealt to the Spartans from a very familiar foe...the long arm of the law.

Michigan State only knows two speeds, really impressive and really disappointing. They showed the world on Saturday that they can play great football. That their defense is good enough to stop Denard Robinson, and their offense is good enough to make Michigan pay for their mistakes.

But it's what happened early Sunday morning has got to fall into the really disappointing category.

Defensive back Chris L. Rucker was stopped by police and arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated just a matter of hours after getting back to East Lansing from Ann Arbor. While drunk driving is nothing new for a college kid, especially in East Lansing, Rucker is currently on probation for pleading guilty to assault and battery charges last fall at a MSU residence hall. Part of that probation prohibits the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Rucker's probation officer is recommending a 21-day jail sentence.

But the bigger picture here is that not only did Rucker play a major role in MSU's win against Michigan, intercepting a Denard Robinson pass, but he's one of the best defensive backs Sparty has. And that's the problem. He's a good player, so do you think Dantonio has the balls to discipline this kid the way he should be? Of course not.

Via the Detroit News story:
When asked Sunday how long Rucker would be suspended from the team, Dantonio said only, "We'll see."On Tuesday, Rucker’s position coach, Harlon Barnett, made it sound like Rucker would not be dismissed from the team.

"Yeah, we anticipate him back, absolutely," Barnett said. "He's great young man, a great kid who just made a bad decision. He's a great young man. If he wasn't, I wouldn't say it. Hopefully those bad decisions are out of him forever and he can come back and just finish out strong."
What a joke. I can't believe we lost to these idiots. This has to catch up to Dantonio sooner or later. You can't just consistently recruit and coach thugs and keep getting away with it. This proves to me that not only is Dantonio a bad coach, but a man of questionable character. His whole program is clouded with bad kids making bad decisions. It has to eventually catch up with him, right?

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