tOSU Fan + Homemade Mascot Costume + Alcohol

Every now and then, a video comes's usually something ridiculous, like the video below. A fan gets a crazy idea in their head, maybe some friends dare him to do it. Maybe he's just do drunk he doesn't know any better. This being a tOSU fan, that's really not such a stretch.

Clearly, there's some sort of chemical imbalance at play here. I can not take credit for finding this gem, Yost from MZone gets that honor. But it's so horrifically, amazingly's good. And it's worth posting here.

This is what happens when Michigan is not good enough to keep fans like this in check. Its been 2518 days since we've beaten these morons. Please make this stop.

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  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Judging by the distance the costume man is from the camera I'd say he is one of the more successful buckeye fans..... he obviously owns a double-wide. Waited the entire video for someone to spear him off the screen.....