Addressing Michigan's Injuries

Just a couple notes to update you all on as far as injuries go. Last weeks MSU game had a couple things happen, and some of those things were addressed, among other things, at the presser yesterday.

• First off, Martavious Odoms broke his foot and is likely not going to be back this year. 

• David Molk and Mike Martin both sustained sprained ankles in last Saturday's game, but both should be fine. This is both good, and scary news at the same time. Ankles are tough to heal in the middle of the season. They just need rest. But with ankle sprains, the lower the better. Hopefully this is the case. I know both Molk and Martin are very competitive guys, and it will take a lot to keep them off the field.

• James Rogers, who left the game last weekend in the early second half and never came back, had what is being called "just cramps". He should be fine.

• Michael Shaw was not 100% last week, but should be 100% this week.

• Fitzgerald Toussaint has a rotator cuff injury that will not require surgery, but does require a lot of rest. Translation: Don't expect him back any time soon.

• Carvin Johnson has a leg injury that requires a leg brace. That brace has been giving him some problems with movement. He's working on it, but it seems like the brace is going to stay on for now.

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