Heisman Update - Week 6

Last week's performance by Denard Robinson not only removed his name as the runaway Heisman favorite, but it can be argued that the field is now wide open. Pundits, mostly from the Buckeye state, had Denard pegged for a having a bad week at some point, and when that finally happened, Denard would be extricated from the Heisman race.

While I think that Denard is still in the conversation unless he lays another egg this week, it should be noted that there are some other contenders for the trophy besides just him and Pryor. Thus, this week we're going to take a look at all of the Heisman front-runners...Denard Robinson, Terrelle Pryor, LaMichael James (Oregon), Kellen Moore (Boise St) and Cam Newton (Auburn). At this point in the season, I think it's safe to say one of these guys is going to walk away with the hardware in December.

Week 7 opponents (opponent's total defensive ranking):
Michigan vs Iowa (4th)
tOSU @ Wisconsin (23rd)
Oregon Bye Week
Boise St @ San Jose St (110th)
Auburn vs Arkansas (19th)

Week 6 stats:

D. Robinson
vs MSU
T. Pryor
vs Indiana
L. James
vs Wash. St.
K. Moore
vs Toledo
C. Newton
vs Kentucky
Rush Attempts21325128
Rushing Yards86-191366198
Rushing TDs10204
Pass Comp/Att17/2924/30-16/2213/21
Passing Yards215334-267210
Passing TDs13-31
Passer Rating111.59206.52-219.67136.39
Total Plays5033252349
Total Yards301315136273408
Points Scored6018024

Season Stats through 10-9-10:

D. Robinson
T. Pryor
L. James
K. Moore
(Boise St)
C. Newton
Rush Attempts119571147104
Rushing Yards991354848-15672
Rushing TDs93909
Pass Comp/Att84/125104/153-91/13570/108
Passing Yards12231349-13361138
Passing TDs815-1412
Passer Rating164.11170.46-183.28180.74
Total Plays244210114142212
Total Yards2214170384813211810
Points Scored542460054

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