Incoming: Demetrius Hart, Liveblog Update

After making Michigan fans wait an extra 5 days, and then and extra 12 finally happened. Demetrius Hart, the #1 all-purpose running back and #37 overall recruit in the nation has committed to Michigan. It came down to Michigan and Alabama, with Michigan getting the edge at the press conference after his game last night. If you look at his interested schools list, it looks like a who's-who in college football.

Rivals: 4-stars
Scout: 4-stars
ESPN: 4-stars

mgoblog has a complete rundown of this kid, what to know, etc. Safe to say, this is the landmark recruit for this class so far and a huge get for Rodriguez and this program. This could be the kind of running back that Rodriguez needs to catapult his offensive attack to even the next level.

Liveblog Update
We've been experimenting with running a liveblog these past 5 weeks. It's gone pretty well, but today however, we're going to not do the liveblog and we're just going to do Twitter updates. As it turns out, the liveblog is just very tough to run while trying to watch the game, and keep my sanity at the same time. If today's game is anywhere close to as good as the experts say it's going to be, I'm going to need as much sanity as I can get.

We will be live up in the pressbox today, so expect some good Twitter updates before and throughout the game. Don't follow me on Twitter yet? What's wrong with you. Follow me!

Go Blue!

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