A Win is a Win

Even if it wasn't pretty, which it wasn't. A win is a win. And this is a big win, as it is the first win of the Rodriguez era...and my first game in-attendance this season.

Now, I'm not going to sugar-coat it, this was a game that most past Michigan teams would've won handily. There were many things that made me worry when I saw them on Saturday. Most worrisome was the lack of ability to throw the ball downfield. I have to think that we have the receivers to be able to run the routes and get open. And I also have to think that Threet has the arm to get the ball to them in space at least 10-15 yards downfield.

The real problem is the lack of experience and success of the offensive line. There's no way to up-play this. They're just not good. Run blocking was not bad, pass blocking was not bad...as long as Threet or Sherridan took a 3-step-drop and got rid of the ball quickly. Anything more than that, it's a crap-shoot.

And while we're on topic, who do I like more...Threet or Sherridan?

I like Steven Threet more right now. I think it was a good idea starting him this weekend, and I also think he did pretty well given what he had to work with. Our leading returning receiver, Greg Matthews was out this week with a leg injury. He should be back soon, which will be good because he adds a bit of depth and experience to our receiving corps. With him in the lineup, I think Steven Threet is the right guy for the job.

Threet didn't do anything to lose the job either. He didn't make many mistakes, no INTs or fumbles. He showed he can run the play-option well and move with the ball. But he also has the size and arm of a guy like Tim Tebow. While Sherridan did go 4 for 5 and was in the game for the 4th quarter TD that cemented the game for Michigan, I think it was more the success of better play-calling than Sherridan running the offense.

And speaking of play-calling, I liked to see that Sam McGuffie was a play-maker this weekend. The coaches obviously saw great potential in him this summer and now all of the fans are seeing it as well. Two things I think make him a great feature back (aside from his speed and quickness)...he always makes the first guy miss, something we got used to with Mike Hart. And he always leaps or dives forward as he gets tackled to get the extra 2-3 yards. He did that very well against Miami when they would run him on a toss-sweep around the outside. He was able to get to and turn the corner, and get the extra 5-10 yards that most former Michigan backs could never do, because they lacked the speed.

Simply put: McGuffie will make plays, he will make guys miss and get into open space. And when he does, he's gone. Hart could do all of that, except the last part.

Michigan looked better this week. And that's really all you could ask coming off the Utah loss. The defense was on the field a little too long again. But they did a great job keeping Miami out of the endzone.

Michigan fans, by-in-large, are not happy with this win. They think Miami is a crappy team that we should've beat 50-0. Let me explain something though.

Michigan fans get used to idea that Michigan is a huge traditionally powerful team. Most teams, especially from smaller conferences, when they come to the Big House, are playing in front of more people in one game, than probably the rest of the season combined.

When you play a team like Miami, or Utah or Eastern Michigan, you're getting their best game. Those players go to those schools for games like this. This was Miami's Super Bowl. Whether Michigan is ready or not, they are going to get every teams best game. This explains why Michigan State falls apart every year after losing to Michigan. After that game, what else does Sparty have to play for?

The fact that we beat Miami by 10 points should not worry anyone. We will play better. Playing better teams makes you play better. That's why we beat Florida last year and lost to Appalachian State.

I'm not going to predict anything, but I guarantee that tOSU will play better against USC than they did against Ohio. That's just the way it goes. It's a hard idea to explain. And unless you've played competitive sports on a high level, you just don't get it. Guys who call in to radio shows and cry about how if we can't blow out Miami, how the hell are we going to win against anyone else?

Because guys don't come to Michigan to play against Miami. They come here to play against Notre Dame, Michigan State and tOSU. Big players make big plays in big games. Nobody gets excited to host Miami of Ohio.

Well, more to come, including game stats, injury update and a recruiting update.

Go Blue!

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