Brent Musburger Day

As we roll along in this bye-week, today we will pass some time with this entire post dedicated to everyone's favorite and least-favorite play-by-play announcer, Brent Musberger.

Somewhere down the line, when Keith Jackson, the Obi-won of college football announcers decided to call it quits, someone at ABC made the decision to make Brent Musburger the next voice of the weekly marquee match up.

I think it's a safe bet to assume everyone who reads this blog at least has a mild, to moderate disdain for Brent Musburger. There might have been a time, some while back, when he wasn't so annoying. But it seems to me that he not only is getting worse, but he's everywhere.

And to make things worse, his butt-buddy side-kick is Kirk Herbstreit.

I like the ABC game-of-the-week in prime time each Saturday night. Not only do you get two good teams playing each other, but it usually turns out to be a great game...unless the Buckeye's are playing of course.

But these two guys in the booth calling the game makes it almost un-watchable.

However, I digress. Brent is famous for his overuse of lines such as..."Dandy", "Pardner", "Folks", and "FUMBLE!!!!". So much so that he even has his own drinking game. So at least you can get blitzed while you have to endure such quotes as "It's a footrace!" and calling a touchdown before it is actually scored...drinking game rule #9:

Rule #9: Calling a touchdown before the player actually scores. For example, during an interception return, Brent says "It's a touchdown!" before the player actually scores. In this case, everyone must start drinking and continue to drink until the player actually does score. If by some odd event, the player does NOT score, everyone must finish their drink.
That one is a "Dandy!".

So in the spirit of everything we stand for, we now offer a YouTube clip of some of what makes Brent everything we love to hate about football announcers.

Brent vs. Tree Sitters at Cal

And Brent discusses his feelings about YouTube...during a Michigan basketball game no less.

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