Big Ten Weekly Pick-em: Week 6

Last week, we predicted some things. Michigan would keep it close but ultimately lose. I was very happily surprised by that eventual outcome. We also predicted Purdue would take it to the Irish in South eventual outcome that I was not too pleased with.

However, those two snafoos cost me 6 valuable points in the leaderboard of the Big Ten Bloggers Weekly Pick'em. If you head over to the Daily Gopher, scroll down the right-side column, you'll find the standings. You will notice, this blogger finds himself next to last place.

So it's time we redeem ourselves in week 6. So here you have them...

Iowa @ Michigan State, 12:00PM, ESPN2
Well, last week I said that until Iowa fired Kirk Ferentz I'd keep picking against them...and that holds true this week. But even if I didn't despise Ferentz, I'd still go with Sparty. The wheels on the Sparty bus keep going round round round...and until they fall off (which they just might), I'm going with the Big Green Machine. Also, it should be noted that a neighbor of mine painted a giant block "S" in his front lawn this week. That should a sure sign that doom is right around the corner.

Indiana @ Minnesota, 12:00PM, Big Ten Network
Hmm...this is a tough one. Indiana burned me two weeks ago when they blew it against Ball State. However, they showed some toughness against Michigan State last week. Given that Minnesota was pretty much awful against the Buckeyes, I'll go with Indiana. But I should say that I am not comfortable with this pick.

Penn St @ Purdue, 12:00PM, ESPN
No doubt Penn State is starting to pull away from the rest of the league. In almost any given year I'd say playing at Purdue sucks, but this year's Purdue team looked not good against the Irish last week. Granted, they were on the road, and they do typically play better at home. If this game were at night I'd say "maybe". But it's a noon kick...and Penn State will roll.

Ohio St @ Wisconsin, 8:00PM, ABC
Well, my hat's off to the Buckeyes for attempting this one. It's going to be ugly. Wisconsin just lost a heartbreaker to Michigan. They're only hope for redemption is to beat tOSU. They play in night. Oh dear.

You can have all the SEC stadiums in the world, nothing compares to Camp Randall, especially at night. Wisconsin will redeem themselves this week and they will do so in taking it to tOSU.

So there you have it. Book it. These are the MBN rock-solid picks of the week!

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