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After a brief off-week from full-bore posting, I return from my weekend of not watching even one second of college football. I don't mean just any games, I mean any college football at all...highlights and everything.

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to our beloved sport, I would go toe to toe with even the most die-hard aficionados. But even I know that when the college football Gods give you a chance to take a break in the middle of the season, you better do so.

I spent my weekend on the road, visiting with friends. Cooking out, drinking Dos Equis, and doing things to a french baguette that just shouldn't be done. And if anyone needs a one-stop-shop to get wedding invitations, vitamins and have something notarized in Fort Wayne, IN, let me know. I hook you up.

But now we're back. It's Big Ten week. Time to put away those pesky non-conference foes and tighten the chin-strap a little bit more. First on the B10 schedule for the Maize & Blue is Wisconsin.

Last year, we travelled up to Madison the week before tOSU, only to get pretty much handled 37-21. The score does not even indicate how bad we played. I remember thinking at the time that Wisconsin looked pretty good, but that 2008 would be a better year for them. So far, I've been right. We'll dive deeper into Wisconsin later this week.

But for now, some news and notes.

The depth chart has been updated for this week. Welcome back Mark Ortmann. Hope the elbow is recovered from the Miami game injury. With all due respect, the OL has actually performed better than expected. We're not so big and not so experienced, but things have gone ok. Chalk it up to the style of the spread that keeps the DL and LBs spread out to cover the whole field. Whatever it is, if we had this line last year, Mike Hart would be tackled 3 yards in the backfield on every play.

Mark Huyge is practicing again. His ankle injury against Utah has kept him out of 2 games so far this year. He should be back for next week.

Also making great strides on the off-week (injury-wise) was Michael Shaw and Perry Dorrestein. Both are full-strength and will play this week.

Zoltan Mesko has found his way onto the Lou Groza Award watch list. Good work Zoltan!

This week's game is a "Maize Out" game...which means if you're going to the game, you best wear your yellow t-shirt. If you need one, visit your local MDen, or order the official t-shirt online.

Michigan Sports Center wants you to "Boo" when Wisconsin's band takes the field, assuming they make the trip. Why? Click on over for the full explanation.

More wonderful Maize & Blue goodness to come later this week.

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