Bye-Week Blues

So I've been pretty bad about keeping all of you up to date of my performance in our Big Ten Bloggers weekly pick'em. So far, I find myself in the middle of the pack with 27 points. Not bad all things considered.

Gopher Nation keeps the books on our standings, as well as hosts the weekly league. Head on over and have a look see.

A couple quick notes on this bye-week...

Rodriguez held his weekly presser yesterday. Steven Threet has been named the starter indefinitely...which is great news.

Anyone who watched the ND game last weekend saw that TE Carson Butler was not a very nice boy. He took a huge swing at an Irish player with his arm after a play had ended. He was flagged immediately and ejected immediately as well. Rodriguez says he will not be suspended for his actions. MSC thinks Rodriguez might be a little aloof at what exactly happened. I think so as well.

The Wiscy game on Sept. 27th is set to kickoff @ 3:30 and will air regionally (I assume) on ABC.

Mark Huyge is getting closer to being back at full-strength, and should be ready to go for next week. A huge lift for this depleted offensive line. But John Ferrera is going to get some work at LG. No word yet on Mark Ortmann and his elbow which he hurt against Miami.

Sam McGuffie is still the man.

No clear idea right now what is going to happen in the return game. We'll know more by next week when the official depth-chart is released.

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