tOSU Fans: When Do You Start to Worry?

...when you're head coach starts deflecting questions about his Heisman Trophy running back's ankle injury, and tells you to worry more about the weather.

When asked by a reporter about the condition of Chris "Beanie" Wells' ankle, and if tOSU faithful should be worried, Sir Teflon said, "Tell them to worry more about Gustav and Rita, and those kinds of things."

Rita was 3 years ago. I think he meant Hanna.

As questions about Wells came from every angle...Sir Teflon defected them like NCAA rules committee investigators...
"Beanie's going to be fine,"

Fine enough to practice this week? Wells did not practice yesterday or Monday.
Fine enough to play against Ohio University on Saturday?

"We wouldn't play him if he doesn't get some work," Tressel said.

Is the injury a sprain?

"Don't know."

Describe the injury - do you know anything about it?

"I really don't."

Who will replace Beanie if he is out?

"Don't know."

Well then. Now we can move on to more pressing issues.

I'm no doctor, but it sounds to me like a high-ankle sprain. Which we all know sucks big-time. Simply put, he's out for Ohio this week, likely will dress for USC, but will play springy if at all. If he was fine like Teflon says, he'd be practicing this week.

Sorry tOSU fans. Goodbye Heisman.

Update (9-4-08 AM): The AP is reporting on that tOSU's RB coach Dick Tressel confirmed that Wells injured his right big toe. He is still not practicing or putting any pressure on it. But they are still holding out hope for playing this weekend.

Dick Tressel added, "We've got a long way to go, we're counting on playing a lot of football this fall. We're going to be smart with his rehab."
Update (9-4-08 PM): Teflon anounced today that Wells will not play against Ohio this weekend. Not to sound too much like "I told you so!", but at least I'm not the only one thinking that way.

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  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I am no authority by any means, but after watching the replay a few times it seems he pulled up almost immediately after just starting to get up to speed from the set position. then once on the ground in a seated position he grabbed what appeared to be the mid arch portion of his foot. I am not disputing anyone's characterization of the injury but it looked unusual to me from most that are seen on TV to the untrained eye. I look forward to further discussion of these details.