Big Ten Weekly Pick-em: Week 4

This week we have 8 games to pick from. Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois are bye this week.

Ohio @ NU
I like Northwestern in this game. OU showed they can compete with the big boys at tOSU two weeks ago, but I don't see them having another outing like that again. Northwestern is pretty good, at least at home. Look for OU to make it close, but Northwestern wins this one.

FAU @ Minn
There will be a lot of points scored in this contest. Minnesota isn't as bad as last year, but they're not as good as FAU. FAU wins in a shootout.

Temple @ PSU
Penn State, with multiple players out because of suspension, are on a roll. Temple is as bad as bad can be. Penn State wins 600-0.

Iowa @ Pitt
For some reason I'm not convinced about Iowa, even after they beat ISU last week. Pitt lost early in the year to BGSU, so they have something to prove...and a Big Ten match up is a good place to do it. They get Iowa at home, and they will get the win.

CMich @ Pur
I think CMU is the best team in the MAC this year. And I really want to take them in this game. But seeing as this is Tiller's last season, I see Purdue pulling out all the stops. It will be a good game, but I have a feeling the Boilers pull it out.

Troy @ OSU
tOSU will win. They have to win. If they lose, Columbus will burn and Tressel will be run out of town.

Notre Dame @ MSU
Michigan State is better than people think. Notre Dame is worse then Michigan made them look last week. MSU wins.

Ball St @ Ind
Indiana is the Big Ten's version of the little train that could. I want them to do well because I really like their coach. I'm pulling for them this weekend!

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